6 months

How can I possibly be already writing an update post on our 6 month old?? Where did the time go? I can't believe it. Almost every day I look at Kateri and say to myself, I think she grew overnight/during her nap/while I looked away for 10 minutes. Yikes.

I waited this time to post her 6 month post til after her doctor's appointment, which was this afternoon! So these are up-to-date, accurate stats!

Weight: 16 lbs 5 oz, not a ton difference from last time!

Height: 28"

Firsts this month: SCOOCHING. Big-time. Little girlie can push herself backwards with her hands all over, wherever and whenever she pleases. It makes for a fun game of, "Wow, I put her down here 2 minutes ago, and now she's in a completely different room." She's real close to actual crawling, but not yet. She also loves sitting up by herself now, and is pretty crabby if she's playing and isn't able to sit up to play with her toys. She also had her first solid foods - carrots, which she pretty much loved. (See picture below for proof.)

nothing new this month!

Other things to note:
- She's grown through about half of her wardrobe now, and since the colder weather has come - and she's larger than we anticipated when it did - I'm having to buy her clothes. Which, once you start buying baby clothes, is really hard to stop. They are all just so cute!
- She's getting into a really good rhythm for me during the days. Most days it's 3 really solid naps of 1.5-2 hours each, which is heaven-sent for getting work projects done. I am seriously so blessed and I know it's not gonna last, but I am thankful while it does!
- She had her first cold this month, which was sad and super adorable at the same time.
- Mass is getting more and more difficult with her - no matter when we go, it's always during her naptime. It's a small struggle but it's a real one for us, so I'll mention it while I can.
- If we're going to do this solid-food thing, we are going to need a high chair. Any suggestions for me for ones that aren't super uggo? Also, sippy cup suggestions? I'm thinking we better be prepared for some struggle if it's anything like the bottle situation...
- The bottle situation is that she WILL NOT TAKE ONE ON POINT OF DEATH. Like, when I was in Caitlin's wedding and away from her for 8 hours, she didn't eat for eight whole hours even though there were bottles galore for her to eat. Frustrating. Luckily now she doesn't eat at night at all, so we're much more able to do things for longer periods of time, but it's still annoying. (And yes, I've tried like 80 different brands of bottles, to no avail. She's a real-deal girl through and through.)
- But we love her anyway.

Love you, Kitty.