Settling in

31 August 2016

31 August 2016
Things are getting to a new somewhat normal around here, and it's starting to feel tiny and tiny bits more like home in a new city.

Mad props to people who either move all the time or who move much longer distances than we did -- I'm having a hard enough time with the transition when really not much has changed and I don't know how y'all do it. Luckily Targets everywhere are the same and there's nothing too much else drastic between the 2nd largest and the largest cities in Nebraska.


Luckily this cute girl is still doing well with all the changes so that helps a lot.

We did accidentally take an hour long walk the other day when I took a few wrong turns and ended up faaaarrrrr in the opposite direction of where I meant to go, but we all made it home okay and Murph was super tired out so it wasn't all bad. (I had my phone the whole time so I was never like, LOST lost but I had more faith in my directional sense than it seemed I actually had. Whoops.)


We -- and by we I mean I channeled my inner Blythe and Kate and I picked it up during the day sans David -- scored this desk/cabinet/drawer thingy on Craigslist today and I am super proud of it. Being 6 months pregnant and all, I was hesitant I could get half of it out of the car by myself (because it comes in two pieces and only one fit in at a time) but I did and I felt like superwoman.

It's in the baby's room right now, chilling there until I convince David to either let me put it in the living room for a storage/TV cabinet situation or we find someone to help us move it downstairs and I'll use it as part of my office/craft storage. (Which I am heavily in the midst of researching on Pinterest right now, I'm thinking something like this for a desk is what I want?)

I had just enough muscle to get it in the house with him, although the belly was so in the way that I about dropped it more than once. We're at the very tail end of me being able to do lifting/heavy things (much longer than most things say you should lift, but c'est la vie) so I told David he better take advantage of it while he can.


I finally convinced David to escape the political reality we're living in and dive into The West Wing and I think this time (the second or third time around) it's really sticking. We're almost through season one and I fall more and more in love with it every time I watch it. Donna and Josh, the hilarity that is CJ...I could go on and on. Watch it if you haven't. (On Netflix. #obviously)


Welp there's enough nonsense for you all in one post. Peace all.

a new house [before] tour

25 August 2016

25 August 2016
So I've been promising it for awhile and finally broke out the camera and took some pictures of the new digs. It's nothing all that special and I'm doing a qualifying statement saying these are the "before" because we're not all finished unpacking and I have lots of plans for the transformation to make some "after" photos happen.

Luckily most of the main floor is unpacked, minus one lone box in Kate's room that somehow has more toys in it (I honestly can't remember which toys are in there, which makes me weirdly nervous and also like, wow we have too many toys) and the garage hasn't been unpacked or organized much. The basement is another story, mostly because we have no furniture to unpack the boxes into down there so it's only partially finished and pretty badly done at that point. So not too much judgment.

Anyway, without further ado, the photos!

We'll start from the front door.

From this pic, the door is to your left and this is the living room. New rug from Target and all our old furniture and the CLASSIEST of window coverings, aka a blanket. (Still debating how we want to cover that huge window, and my eyes can't handle all the sun all the time with the TV right there.)

From the other side of the room - the bedrooms are down the hallway on the left side there.

The kitchen! A mess. As usual. But it's tons of space and I'm trying to look past the aesthetics.

From the other end of the kitchen. Somehow that huge hutch looks even bigger in this house, which makes no sense but maybe it's the color scheme or I just got used to it in the old house? Who knows.

First bedroom down the hallway on the right is Kate's. It's very simple and we're doing the blanket method in here too (we are nothing if not classy). There's a new rug waiting to be unrolled and I think the furniture needs to be rearranged and there's some photos to be hung but it's cute as is.

View from the other side.

First on the left-hand side is the brown brown brown BROWN bathroom. It's very large but it is very brown. I'm trying to come up with a way to downplay the brown. Any paint secrets that go with brown everywhere?

From the other side - big shower.

Next on the right hand side of the hallway is the nursery. We also bought a rug for here (have I said how much David loves buying rugs?) but didn't put it in yet.

Master bedroom on the left side of the hallway! Our new bed in its glory and the mess of the rest of the room cut out of the photo. There's a tiny ensuite (thank you HGTV) but I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing so you'll have to use your imagination.

Some of the backyard! It already looks more cleaned up than this because David trimmed up two trees in the meantime but there's more to go.

Basement play area! The most it's ever been cleaned up since we moved in. My desk is just to the right of the couch against the wall.

From my desk looking towards the stairs.

Big laundry room in the back of the basement - the best part of which is a big counter on the right-hand side that's not in the photo for sorting & folding & storing stuff.

Storage area, which we've now organized and has tubs on the left, pantry on the right.

4th non-conforming bedroom in the back corner of the basement. Eventually we'll add an egress window to make it officially 4 beds but for now it's a perfect guest room. There's another bathroom down there too but it's also difficult to photograph so I just didn't.

Whew! This blog post only took me 4 days to write, so hopefully it doesn't take you that long to read. If you made it this far, congrats! Hopefully soon we will have real before-and-afters when we start tackling projects, but for now this'll do.

Baby #2 wishlist

17 August 2016

17 August 2016
Now that we're getting a little more settled in the new house, my brain's had time to think about other things besides the never-ending list of adult things you have to do when you move. (Why so much paperwork? Why is it such a pain in the butt to change your address every-freaking-where? But I digress.)

In the last few weeks I've also been feeling more and more pregnant - belly getting bigger, random aches and pains popping up, getting really tired way earlier than it seems like I should, being moody and crying at the drop of a hat -- you name it. That means I'm remembering to think about baby #2 more often, which is not at all a bad thing! And I'm realizing we have some gaps in what we need for baby and there are a few additional things I'd like to replace in our baby swag collection.

Not all of these are "needs" which is why I titled it a wishlist, but there are definitely a few we can't do without: a bassinet of some kind being the highest on the list, as the one we used for Kate was a hand-me-down antique that broke in storage in our house at some point.

Onto the deets!
The Amazon links below are affiliate. If you click through and make any purchase, I get a percent back at no cost to you! 

1. babyletto Bowery Bassinet, $99

So far out of the MILLION options of baby bassinets, this one seems to fit my requirements the best and be the cheapest out of those options. The one we had with Kate didn't really move at all, which I think helped her transition to a crib easier (at least, that's what I tell myself) so I want something similar. (Heard too many horror stories of babies getting addicted to those rock & plays!) This one is high off the ground, simple-looking, and not too crazy price-wise. I'd prefer if it weren't dark-colored but I might just have to accept that. :)

2. Spectra S2 Pump, $125 (or $400 if you go by my insurance claim...?)

Last time we had a baby, I was still on my parents' insurance and they were grandfathered in to universal health care, which meant even after hours and hours on the phone with 25 insurance people, I didn't get a pump covered. I didn't really *need* an electric one, working from home, so I made do with the $25 manual one from Target. This time around we're on David's insurance and I already got this Spectra pump in advance! I read tons of reviews and polls about what to get, and this seemed to top the Medela by a tiny margin, so I went with it. Hopefully it will make date nights and overnight trips a little more manageable - we basically didn't leave Kate til she was sleeping through the night because I didn't have a pump and she never learned to take a bottle.

3.  Savannah Southwestern Rug, $375

We need a bigger rug for the nursery, and I'm set on going with a southwestern Pendleton-patterned style. This one is way more than I would spend on a rug, even an 8x10 rug, but if I'm going with "wishlist" I have to put what I really want, right? It's from RugsUSA and currently is my top favorite, but I'm hunting the internet for a suitable cheaper replacement. This red one ($90) from Wayfair and this other more navy-colored one ($160) are my top contenders. Or I like this Kilim rug ($120) from Overstock, too.

Convincing David that we can pull off a rug like this is a whole other story. Husbands. We can totally do this type of thing, right?

source: Google
(We already have the neutral-colored furniture - white crib, white dresser, birch colored rocker.)

4. Chicco Baby Rocker Modmint, $60

We have a baby rocker that Kate really loved but it has two problems: it's really baby-looking, which I hated at the time we picked it but couldn't find another one sort of in our price range to replace it with, and the legs underneath stick out SO far but are basically hidden so you end up tripping on it a thousand times walking around it. (Seriously, I stubbed my toes so many times in the few months we used it last time that I swore I'd try to replace it when/if we had baby #2. It was a painful time. Plus with a toddler running around, I'm even more afraid to put a hazard like that around.) This Chicco one is super cute and modern-looking but not $300 like most of the other ones I've fallen in love with. #expensivetaste. I'm a fan!

5. Fox Boppy Cover, $27

The one I've linked to/pictured is an Etsy find, but I'm hoping to find some really cute fox or animal fabric somewhere and whip one up myself. I have my old one and tons of tutorials on Pinterest to light my way, so it's just a matter of prioritizing it or having enough time before baby gets here to actually get it done. Crossing my fingers it happens!


There are few other things I'd add to this list, but are less important: a glider, if we can find a decently-priced one, painting the nursery walls or replacing them - you'll see on the house tour coming soon but they're just painted paneling right now, curtains or window coverings of some sort, and of course the quilt I have yet to plan or start on...oops.

Moms of more than one, what else am I missing? In the meantime I'll be scouring the internet for more deals and more things to add to my list. <3

Bits and bobs

15 August 2016

15 August 2016
There are lots of ideas bouncing around in my head right now, and I missed quick takes this week because...well, who knows why, so a bits & bobs post is what you get.

:: I have a list a mile long of all the projects I want to start/complete in this house. So far they include: cleaning up and restoring the rest of the yard (the first layer done of the backyard & viewable in the photo below), painting the nursery, refinishing our nightstands, creating a craft storage & functional spot in the basement, redoing the kitchen (ahem, a little bit bigger than some of my other ideas), etc. etc. David really wants to get the garage organized soon so we can start on some of the projects so that might come first. (Did I mention our house has a 4 car garage? It's deep instead of 4 wide but's enormous.)

:: My friend Meghan shared this article on Facebook last night and it really resonated with me.

:: This weekend was a great mix of relaxation and work. We did a lot of yard cleanup, unpacked all the boxes left in the living room, rented the new Star Wars movie (don't tell anyone but I've never seen any of the old ones...), grilled some brats, went on a walk, went out to dinner, visited with family, did some coloring (Kate), and watched the Olympics. One of those weekends you just don't want to end! (It helped that it was the first weekend since May that we haven't had anything we HAD to do or anyplace we HAD to be. Literally, the end of April before our vacation was the last time we had a relaxing weekend. Much. Needed.)

:: Speaking of craft storage, I've done my Pinterest research and it looks like IKEA is the place to go, and the Kallax is what I want to get. I currently have at least 7 boxes of craft stuff yet to be unpacked, because there is literally nowhere to unpack it into. I also need a desk or table to do my sewing on because I'm itching to start baby #2's quilt. (Kate's quilt here!) But the closest IKEA is in Kansas City and that's a 3 hour drive, so it's not exactly super convenient to just hop over there and back.

:: I am really struggling to find any sort of normal-looking maternity workout shorts. During the week, I almost literally never change out of lounge clothes - a t-shirt and gym shorts are my daily uniform, because if I work from home and never leave the house (since we have only one car), why bother putting real clothes on? But I'm slowly growing out of the few pairs I can still squeeze into and my normal sources (Old Navy, Gap, Target) are all strike-outs this time around. Anyone wanna point me in the right direction?

:: I have been meaning to get back into podcast listening recently but with the move and a loud toddler around, it hasn't been easy. I finally listened to the first episode of Young House Love's new podcast and man, I miss their blogging. Got any other great home renovation blogs (or podcasts!) I can follow? (In Honor of Design has always been a fave but all the other ones I used to read don't blog anymore! sad face.)

All the bits and all the bobs now out into the internet. Thanks for letting me brain dump, friends.

7QT #52: basement blogging, furniture, & links

05 August 2016

05 August 2016
This might possibly the longest I've ever gone without writing a quick takes post. That's what you get when you move and have two family weddings, I suppose! Linking up with Kelly to try and get my butt back in regular-blogging-gear.

First, in case you're curious about things like that (I always am!), here's where I'm blogging from nowadays.

Our messy basement!
It's a huge step up from having my computer in our bedroom at the old house on a child-sized desk, even though right now I'm housed at our extra kitchen table and, as you can probably see, it's already covered with junk. But I have room to spread out and I can access all my paper supplies so I'm happy!

I'm in the market for a new desk eventually but I'm super picky -- a long time ago at the old house, we refinished a $15 old wooden desk but it won't fit down the stairs here, so I have high standards and really like certain looks and also, I've never felt a sturdier desk than the one I had. I like sturdy when there's a toddler and a huge filled-with-energy-puppy banging around and climbing around my feet.

Book links are affiliate. Thanks for clicking through and supporting my Amazon Prime book exploring! :)
As we've been running around like chickens with our collective heads chopped off in the last two months, I haven't read a single book since our vacation back at the beginning of May. {wide-eyed emoji. I know.}

That being said, I'm hoping to jump back in with something great. Grace as always alerted me to the new Liane Moriarty coming out, so I'm excited for that one. I also bought the new Harry Potter play/script/what-have-you at Target the other day but I'm super nervous to crack it open in fear it'll ruin Potterverse for me. Calm my fears if you've read it, can you? Or should I just jump in anyway? Let's be honest, I won't NOT read it...

I've also heard The Awakening of Miss Prim is this summer's hot read - which probably means there's a hold list a mile long for it at the library. What else should be on my Goodreads queue?

New house means lots of demand (or as David would say, NOT DEMAND HANNAH, NOT DEMAND) for new furniture and house accoutrements. My birthday present this year was the promise of future new furniture and things for our then-yet-unpurchased-house, so I've been shopping around for a little bit.

So far I've bought the above-pictured new bed and headboard from Joss & Main, because ours is the one that came with my bed that my sister and I got new when I was 8 years old. And it was showing its age. I also got a bigger rug for our living room (complete with rug pad, totally not always necessary but I'll never go back to having a rug without a rug pad).

Oh, and we're in the market for a new car - went on some test drives the other day, still trying to narrow down our options and what we really want. Dollar signs are flying around everywhere, y'all.

Kate has continued her streak of being injury-prone in the new house. Yesterday alone she re-cut open the inside upper lip she split the other day, bumped her head on the bed frame, ran into the corner of the wall, and tripped on the slippery floor about 20 times in the span of 2 hours. Apparently the words "be careful!" have lost their meaning.

Luckily she's doing still pretty well with the big girl bed situation, although there have been some night wakings & early morning wakings - but all in all, the going-to-bed-and-staying-asleep thing hasn't been difficult at all.

Living in a different city for the first time in my life has been a weird adjustment. Luckily I already know where the closest Target is and Targets are the same everywhere (thank the Lord). I discovered to my great chagrin that I'm in some sort of food delivery no-fly zone, where nothing I've found so far delivers food to our house. Including Jimmy John's.

This is a great tragedy to my Jimmy John's craving-filled pregnant stomach. I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown about it the other day but I'm slowly recovering. (Not that I get delivered food to our house very often, but it's always nice to know as a backup.)

Other than that, it hasn't quite sunk in that we don't live in Lincoln anymore. I'm sure it will be awhile before I'm totally adjusted.

Things I'm listening to or reading recently:

James Corden on NPR Fresh Air -- I love James Corden SO MUCH, even from back when all I knew him from was Doctor Who.

Punch Brothers: Forgotten.

Major Lazer feat Justin Bieber: Cold Water.

Tweets about marriage - super funny.

As always, Sharleen Joynt's Bachelor recaps.

One more cute photo from the first flower-girl-wedding to sign off with.

Aren't they just the cutest??? Gosh, my heart just melts. :)

Head over to Kelly's to check out more posts and stuff from around the web!


02 August 2016

02 August 2016

My brain right now: alsdkfja;lskdfjal;skdjfalskdfj.

All the craziness of the last few weeks (months, really) are finally slowing down and we're settled into our new house in Omaha. Well, mostly settled - there are plenty of boxes left to unpack but it feels more and more like home the more we do.

David's sister got married this past Saturday, so we were busy prepping & celebrating & getting very little sleep, and it was a week full of family and fun but it's nice to be returning to normal. Some of us are having a harder time adjusting to normal than others ((if you follow me on Snapchat, you know what I'm talking about: h.gokie))...oh well. I've been coping with a lot of caffeine and random dance parties to end the crying.

Poor Kitty has had a little bit of a hard time with the new house. She's very happy to be around all her toys again, and have her furniture and things all around, but in the last 24 hours she managed to injure herself 3 separate times, all reducing her to tears. The first time, she fell down the stairs to the basement and ended up with a scrape on her head that bled slightly. Injury #2 involved running through the laundry room with most of the lights off and her tripping on a drain cord (we think), which involved a VERY bloody mouth and lots & lots of tears, as well as a swollen lip. Then to cap yesterday off, she ran smack dab into the lower part of our counter right before bed and got a welt on her forehead.

Add on top of that the fact that we transitioned her to a big-girl bed instead of putting her back in a crib after the move and it's been a momentous 48 hours here. Luckily she has done seriously amazingly with moving to a big girl bed, as in last night was the first night with it and she only woke up once around midnight having gotten out of her bed, and just went down super easily for a nap... I'm totally jinxing it but I'm very proud of how well she's doing and also so so sad at the thought of how big she's getting.

I bought her one of those night-time toddler clocks to tell her when it's okay to get up, but when David went to crack the door open this morning she was standing right by the door already. So I don't know exactly when she woke up but it had been silent up until then so I think not very long. I'm first-time-mom-nervous about her accidentally locking herself in her room (since we have those 60's push lock doorknobs at the new place), but so far so good.

Once we get a little more unpacked & moved in, there will be a house tour for you ardent readers, but that might be a little bit coming as I'm not in too much of a rush to get things done. Instead I will leave you with pictures from the wedding this weekend in a photo dump like I do.

She fell asleep on me for the first time in at least 6 months at the reception. Two late nights in a row made it happen.

Did you know you can buy/pay for Snapchat filters? It was one of our gifts to the bride & groom. :)
Tata for now!

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