I love USPS.

20 January 2016

20 January 2016

Anyone who knows me in real life probably knows the extent of this post. But for those of you who don't, or haven't yet been exposed to it: I really really love the postal system.

No joke -- I wait excitedly every day for the sound of the mail truck coming up our street. I doodle cards (like the one above) when I'm in need of a pick-me-up. I send lots of bills by mail just because I can, and want to. I stalk the stamp releases on the USPS website. I'm friendly with our very sweet mail lady, who always is careful not to ring the doorbell if she thinks Kate might be asleep. (Isn't that the cutest thing ever?) I do a LOT of online shopping just because I love getting surprised by the package delivered on my doorstep a few weeks later.

Yesterday was a really cold day, and snowy all day. I needed to put one of the Christmas cards we had the wrong address on (grrrrrr) back out in the mail, so I took a selfie (of my feet, so a sort of selfie? feetsie? footsie? nope, not footsie) to commemorate my determination and dedication to the USPS.

Here, I'll pull from Instagram just for you:

(also, I'm behind the game -- just now figured out how to do that! Look at me, small-time mommy blogger that I am!)

The cold and biting snow that flew into my eyes was totally worth it. There's something so exciting about sending and receiving mail -- for this INFP, at least, it's a great way to communicate without having to actually speak words out of my mouth (oops), and it removes a lot of awkwardness that I try to avoid at all costs in my daily life.

The joy (pure, unadulterated joy) that is finding a note or a thank you or even a friendly ad never gets old for me. I have a feeling I'll develop carpal tunnel sooner than most because of the amount of typing and letter-writing I do on a monthly basis.

I already found this super-cute idea online: Snail Mail My Email, which I've signed up to be a part of this year in November. I'm looking forward to it...11 months in advance.


This randomness of a post is all to say: if you'd like to be my pen pal, please send me an email! Christmas card season is the best, but now that's over I'm back to my normal letter-writing and I need some more pen pals. I'd love to exchange letters with you, mostly crafted at my desk between ebook projects and whiny toddler needs. No promises here that they'll be edifying or filled with any sort of wisdom, but they will be stamped with cute stamps and hand-written with love.

Tell me I'm not the only one who loves the mail! (David sure seems to think I'm a big anomaly...he's wrong, right??)


  1. Snail mail is the best!! I have a pen pal in Virginia and nothing makes my heart go 'pitter patter' like seeing a card from her in the mail :)

  2. Yes!! Snail mail is the best (even junk mail, sometimes)! We have been receiving packages like crazy thanks to baby and it's making me so happy. :) If I knew I were going to be staying at home after the little one arrives, I would totally agree to be one of your pals.

  3. HI yes let's be snail mail buddies! I love mail more than anything as well. I was just thinking this week that our mail delivery has been so sad post-Christmas.

  4. HI yes let's be snail mail buddies! I love mail more than anything as well. I was just thinking this week that our mail delivery has been so sad post-Christmas.


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