Quick takes: fall edition!!!

Why not end this beautiful fall Friday with a quick takes post? It's been a long time!

F A L L is finally here guys!!! It's been in the low 50s here for the last few days -- forgetting Monday when I had to turn on the AC -- and we've broken out all the sweaters and sleep sacks and cozy blankets. It's glorious.

Just being able to go outside without sweating is absolutely fantastic. I'm soaking it all in and praying we won't have another turn back towards heat. My favorite fall scented thing is Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider line, and I have a shipment of their soap & candles coming tomorrow and I just cannot wait to light the hell out of that candle and wash my hands way more times than necessary just to smell it.

We've been spending all our free time working on the basement, as you might have guessed after my post on our moodboard last week! That means I'm trying to paint 10 feet of baseboard at a time before Felix starts screaming, and we're staying up too late to finish one last coat or run to Menards to get supplies.

It's super hard to get an accurate photo of the wall color, but here's an attempt that was better than most of my other tries. It's SO good in person, though.

It's moody and punchy and really incredible, and I can't wait to see it all come together with this as a big part of the basement.

We also just got a chair from Target delivered (which apparently sold out because I can't find the link?), and I'm not quite sure about it yet. I need to see it out of the box for one thing, but I was kind of hoping the faux leather would look a little better in person than it did online, but so far the verdict's not looking good. Might head right back to the store if it's no bueno.

My other current obsession besides the basement wall color is The Dream podcast. I haven't been this hooked on a podcast in a very long time! It's about the behind-the-scenes of MLMs and very, very crazy.

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I'm currently reading White Fragility by Robin Diangelo, and I have to put in a rec for it too even though I'm not quite finished with it yet. It's very eye-opening and worth the read.

Usually I have a TV show that I'm watching whenever I talk about a book or podcast, but since it's football season we haven't been watching much new. We still need to finish Big Little Lies, Peaky Blinders, our Doctor Who rewatch, blah blah blah.

We've been all sick basically non-stop since Kitty started school. I knew this would happen going in, since this is our first big exposure to a germ-fest as Kitty didn't go to preschool or anything, but it's still kind of a downer. I'm hoping we can make it through the winter without anything hitting us too hard, but in the meantime Felix gets every little thing and it's so sad to see a baby sick!

David and I went on an actual date to dinner and a movie last Friday, which we couldn't remember the last time we'd done that so it was a momentous occasion! Of course we saw the Downton Abbey movie which made me cry and laugh and of course was cheesy but I loved every moment of it.

This little bub did great with the babysitter and even though it will probably be another year or two before we do it again, it was really relaxing and very fun.

We're slowly slowly slowly working our way through the first Harry Potter book as a nightly read aloud, the illustrated edition, and we just got to the Halloween chapter this week which seemed seasonally appropriate! Kitty's been asking to read it more and more so I think I'm going to grab the second one for a family Christmas gift while it's on sale on Amazon right now. I try to buy most of the kids' books used, especially gift books, but I have a feeling there won't be used copies of these for awhile.

I'm also remembering now that I have a stack of like 10 used books squirreled away in the closet for Christmas/Halloween/other occasions (??) so I shouldn't buy too many more. Also because their like "extra" storage for books here in the basement is now officially full, so I'm not entirely sure what to do when we run out of space.

On the agenda for the weekend is a trip to the nursery for a tree purchase for our front yard, a trip to the carpet store to maybe purchase the carpet for the basement (as they're having a sale right now), painting and more painting, a Husker football game, a Cowboys football game, a small birthday celebration for David with his family on Sunday, and hopefully good naps from the children. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in a trip to the pumpkin patch because our porch is looking sad without pumpkins on it so far.

Head over to Kelly's for more quick-takers, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the podcast rec! I have recently fallen down an anti-MLM rabbit hole and WHOA. Some of the stories from these former consultants is nuts.

  2. I thought The Dream podcast was really interesting too!! Super eye opening at how some of the companies run (like how they have to buy $4000 of inventory just to get started?!?!?!). Yikes.


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