We've been busy bees the last few weeks/month or two.

David keeps urging me to blog some more about it, because we're going to rely on these old blog posts when we're old to look back at memories, but we've just been go go go for so long that my brain hasn't been able to rest & process into blog posts for awhile.

Primarily, we were out of town, not sleeping at our house, for 6 solid weekends in a row. SIX WEEKENDS IN A ROW, PEOPLE. It was a combination of graduations, birthdays, wedding, ordinations, and other family functions that all collided into the busiest end of April and month of May that I can remember. Maybe the whole bringing-two-kids-with-us had a little bit to do with it, too. Just maybe.

In the midst of all the travel, we finished painting the brick on the front of our house, finally got the backyard to where it needs to be grass-wise for Murphy to come back home (yay!), organized and completed my craft closet project, and did all the things you have to do on a regular basis even when you're traveling all the time (laundry, cleaning, dishes, food making, yada yada yada).

I've also been taking lots of photos on David's phone because mine's at the end of its tether so I had to get all the photos from him to put here.

Here goes nothing to try and recap it all!

First things first: we spent a weekend driving to Valentine/Atkinson for two of David's cousins' graduations + parties. It was great to see all the family but we left Saturday morning to drive 5 hours (plus an hour for potty + nursing breaks), drove around that afternoon for the girls' naps, then drove another 2 hours back to where we were sleeping so it was like a day of 10 hours in the car and we will NOT do that again without hefty hefty reason. Luckily both the girls were only marginally crabby towards the end of the day - the drive home on Sunday was worse - so it was tolerable but still not something I'd like to repeat anytime in the near future.

Kate was a little apprehensive about the potty chair on a country road, but soon warmed up to the idea with plenty of Kindle movie motivation to goad her on. She also made friends with some cows and we had some nice views to accompany our hours in the car, so those were bonuses.

The next weekend Cora experienced her first thunderstorm, and wanted to be held in the sling every time the thunder roared...I was happy for the cuddles.

The sleeping Kitty picture is from a wedding in Sioux City, where she got a hotel bed all to herself and was 90° from a different position every time I looked at her. The 4 of us sharing a room actually went much better than I anticipated - but it helped that both girls were completely worn out from the wedding and fell pretty much right asleep.

Also Kate has this magical ability to tune out Cora's crying when she's sleeping, which is something that there's probably a good reason I can't do but seems impossible. Cora could be screaming her head off in the car, literally 2 feet from Kate, and Kate will not.wake.up. It's glorious and really impressive. So that helped the overnight sleep when Cora was in her pack-n-play about a yard from Kate's bed.

The following weekend was my birthday on a Friday -- graced with a breakfast in bed and David surprising me by taking the day off! He kicked me out of the house to go to Starbucks by myself and read and it was literally all I'll ever need and want from a birthday. Then we had a visit from Lauren (internet friends meeting in real life! it's not a scam, guys!), a lovely meal celebrating my & Kate's birthday at my parent's house, and then ordination celebrations two days in a row afterwards.

Kate and Granny and Grandfather...contrary to Kate's expression she was happy, just very concentrated on getting 3 fingers up correctly...haha.

We then celebrated the THREE birthdays (me, David's sister Jenn, and Kate's) later that weekend with a beautiful cake and pie and a lovely breakfast out at Green Gateau where I tried my first eggs benedict.

Eggs benedict has literally changed my life.
I'm on a quest for the best recipe to make at home now so if you've got a winner please let me know.

I stole this photo from the Facebook page, please don't sue me I just don't think any of the rest of us took a pic while we were there.

We also did a really fun Escape Room as a birthday gift for me and Jenn and wow, was it hard but also super duper fun. We made it out with like 1:30 left, so we were cutting it close but it was awesome nonetheless!

Did I mention I got the BEST gift ever for my birthday -- a Bob Duallie?!? I've been eyeing one forever - really since we got pregnant with Cora - but I wasn't sure if I'd really want a double stroller once she was born. In the 5 months she's been around I think I've wanted a double stroller to either go on a walk or go somewhere at least once a week (factoring in the weeks of cold weather where I didn't want to go anywhere) so I was super excited to get one! Be assured it will be showing up in plenty of pictures to come. Thank you to all who got it for me and especially David for listening to my incessant whining and fielding all my emails telling him when it went down in price on (affiliate link here!) Amazon.

As promised, here's a picture of our house painted now! David is on the roof painting the chimney if you can see that, as that was our very last step. We used just two gallons of Dutch Boy MaxBond paint - practically every last drop of those two gallons, but still just two gallons - which worked out to about $60 and the transformation has been totally worth that $60. We got it painted in about 6 or so hours of work total, with both of us painting during 4 of those hours. Oh and the color is Ship's Anchor. It was the perfect dark gray.

Oh and I finally got around to finishing my craft closet organization! Started it way back here and now we here, y'all. It makes me extremely happy to open it and see all this lovely organization but it's way too hot to be crafting right now so I'm just basking in it being clean & pretty and I'll start something else maybe later this summer.

I shouldn't go so long without blogging again cause that took me an entire naptime to get written. Ah well, I'll appreciate the time put in when I'm 80, right?

Pax --->


  1. Gosh, so much good stuff for y'all! If you're ever in New Orleans (come visit!!), I have the perfect brunch place for you. The eggs Benedict rocked our socks off and Logan is now officially obsessed with poached eggs.


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