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Linking up with Rosie for a Father's Day edition of My Sunday Best! 
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Shirt: H&M, old. 
Skirt: J. Crew Factory, old, similar here (same cut but a different blue).
Shoes: Target, old.
Wildbird ring sling in dove, aka my (still ongoing) obsession.

I had to take a picture in the church bathroom to document my first time successfully nursing in the sling, so I had a picture for this post! yay! I felt like a total badass and that should always be documented, right?

Unfortunately I failed and didn't get a picture of the honored dad in question with his offspring, because he spent the morning digging a ditch for a drainage system in our front yard, and then we drove to Lincoln to eat dinner with my dad. There wasn't a lot of downtime, in other words. But I did get him a new dopp kit and a (free with my rewards) caramel frappucino to celebrate, so that's better than nothing right?

We'd tried to celebrate a little bit on Saturday too with a Sonic run (that we've been craving for like 3 months) but I ordered him the wrong thing, and then Saturday evening we used a gift card for a pizza place near his work but they made David's wrong (they put his least favorite food on there, black olives!) but it was too late and the girls were too fussy to try and complain about long story short, I had some making up to do on Sunday. And like the selfless dad he is he did hard manual labor all morning while I took the girls to Costco and cleaned up a little. Aka a pretty typical Sunday.

I'm so glad Cora is getting big enough to be in the cart. She is way too heavy to be lugging around in the infant seat, so I'm extra grateful for places like Costco with two kid spots! Every place should have them (ahem Target ahem).

A lot of our weekend prior to that was consumed with stressing about how our power went out on Friday night about 7:45 p.m. and didn't come back on til Saturday around 6:00 p.m. We had all these plans of things to do - but most of them got canceled with no electricity! So Friday night we played Catan in the dark until we ran out of light, and Saturday we ran errands for awhile and tried not to sweat too much.

It honestly wasn't all that bad except both Kitty and Cora are totally dependent on their sound machines to sleep, so our night of sleep on Friday was pretty terrible. Kitty, who hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for a year (except when sick), woke up 4 or 5 times, and Cora was up her usual amount plus had a cold coming on, so it was just a very little amount of sleep all around. We were all pretty exhausted and also hot because it was crazy humid. Luckily it was back by bedtime on Saturday, otherwise we were going to be in for another very long night.

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  1. Love those double shopping cart seats, too. And congrats on the nursing victory. :)

  2. You totally get extra points for your sling matching your shirt! How lightweight is it? (the sling) Mine is reeeeally making me sweat, especially since I use the tail as a nursing cover during Mass. It was so great during the winter and early spring, but it's HOT now!


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