Life with 2

There aren't enough categorized words in the English language to accurately describe what life is like with two kiddos, but I'm going to attempt for posterity's sake. Because I'm sure I'm going to look back at this in future years and wonder what it was like and possibly contemplate how I survived, and/or look back at how easy it was back then...I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Two kids.
We're finally here, kids.
Kids. Plural. See what I did there?

I'll be honest. I know this stage, later in life, is going to seem like a breeze. We can still play man-to-man defense, we can still enjoy plenty of quiet time after the toddler's bedtime, and heck - the littlest still stays in her car seat during outings, at Mass, etc.

But I think mentally this transition has been a little more difficult than our transition with just Kateri. (I know everybody has differing opinions on this, and who knows - maybe I'll change my mind in a bit.) Having one baby was hard, sure - the introduction to giving up your schedule isn't easy, having to be ready at any moment to respond to the whim of a baby. But Kate was an easy baby. Like, an easy baby. So this whole two-kids thing has been harder, at least on me.

To be fair, we're also in the throes of potty training, which hasn't helped in the adjustment. I am not entirely sure why we decided to do potty training with a one-month old, but there you go. Suddenly both of them seem a lot more involved than I'm prepared for at any moment of the day, and it is exhausting. Most days during nap time I collapse on the couch and stare off into the distance, trying to decide if I should sleep, veg out to TV (Bachelor anyone?), or do all of the chores staring me in the face. And that was before I started to go back to work -- which means most of naptime is devoted to spastically trying to finish work projects in silence until the baby needs to nurse again.

These two. They are a blessing. They challenge me every day, and we're only a few weeks into this gig. But there are major sweet moments too. I'll look over to Kate staring devotedly at Cora, saying "Ohhh, Cora. You so cute!" or running to me saying "Mama, Cora's crying wittle bit!" with a very concerned look on her face. Or I'll find Kate next to the baby swing, talking, and Cora is staring straight at her with a huge smile on her face, listening to her big sister babble on about who-knows-what.

This love for them hurts, too. I'm even more emotional this time around - realizing how fleeting this cuddle 24/7 stage is, wondering how she will grow into a tiny person just like Kate did, wishing time didn't go so fast and also looking excitedly into her future, with visions of playing together and sibling bonding to come.

Suffice it to say this 2 kids thing isn't for the weak, and I'm learning more and growing more - albeit painfully, and slowly, and not without a lot of grumbling - every day. It's a good thing they're both so cute, eh?

And now that Kate's officially no longer the baby of the family, I'm going to need a new tagging system for the blog. :)


  1. They are so beautiful! I can't believe this is about to be my transition in a few months. Any advice for the last days with just one?! :)

  2. They are so cute!!! You will certainly look back and be glad you recorded little details of this time. I hope the good moments outweigh the struggles!

  3. I would say the transition from one to two was the hardest for me. They are adorable. You're doing great, mama!

  4. Going from 1 to 2 is so, so hard! You want to take even more advantage of baby cuddles which is not easy with a toddler running around. And you're working from home too!! Rockstar. One of the biggest blessings this time around for me was Landon and Chase being able to play with each other while I'm dealing with Aaron. Hang in there, it will get better!


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