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eating: more veggies and less sweets, or at least trying to. Kind of silly to start working out without at least attempting to change your diet, right? So we're doing THM dinners and some modified aspects so I don't lose my supply for nursing.

drinking: water, and currently some leftover iced coffee from Starbucks. I went and worked there on Sunday and got my free refill (for Star members) right before leaving in order to strettttch it as far as I could. I'll make it last at least another day. #thrifty

listening to: Hiss Golden Messenger, LANY, the 1975. (Spotify links if you're curious.) Also Dear Hank and John podcast episodes, because they are just hilarious.

watching: Call the Midwife and the Bachelor. Call the Midwife has made me cry in every episode so far, and my picks for the Bachelor (I didn't see last night's episode yet so no spoilers!) are Raven and Rachel. If he doesn't pick Raven can I please be her new best friend?? She is just straight awesome. David and I are still working our way through The West Wing (my second time).

reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Guys. guys. GUYS. This book. Oh my gosh. I'm only like 34% of the way through (thank you Kindle percentages) and I am so enthralled already. I got the recommendation from my favorite podcast (see above) and finally got the digital copy a few days ago, and I haven't been able to put it down. Except unfortunately the Omaha digital library only lets you rent things for a week, and there aren't any renewals unless there's no one behind you in line to read it. So I'm desperately trying to finish by tomorrow, which isn't going to happen because it is longggg so I'm trying to decide if I should buy the Kindle edition or a print copy or borrow it from someone (anyone have it? haha).

wearing: sweats and leggings, and anything comfy I don't mind getting spit up on.

working on: working out. I got cleared for exercise last week and started a workout program this last Sunday. You're welcome to follow along on Instagram, if you're so inclined - hannahjogetsfit. There's nothing like a healthy social media presence to motivate me not to give up.

smelling: our stinky dog who needs a bath, and some laundry spinning in the dryer.

thanking: Jesus for all the great friendships we made in college, and the ability to catch up with those friends and feel like we're right back where we were. Good friendships are worth their weight in gold, and even for introverts like me, worth making the time and space to invest in them.

thinking: I would really like it if Cora would get on a schedule sometime soon. I know she's only 6 weeks old, but the unpredictability of her nights are what stress me out the most, not the nights she doesn't sleep that great. I'd just like to know ahead of time that I'll have to get up x times each night, or what have you. She's been doing some really great nights (a 7 hour stretch one night!) and some not-so-good-but-still-tolerable nights (waking every 3 hours or every 2 towards the early morning). But she's not bad overall so I don't have much to complain about.

making: a sweet little knitted cap for Cora's baptism in a couple weeks, and plans for craft organization in our basement.

wanting: a pedicure and a hair dye, but neither are in the budget right now so I'm forced to wait. wah wah.

disliking: almost every single political thing that has happened in the last week, AND all the crazy assumptions people make about other people who hold specific beliefs. I don't like scrolling through the news and reading it, but I also don't like NOT knowing, so it's a lose-lose situation.

trying: to pray more about things like the above that bother me, and trying to become more engaged so I feel like I can actually do something about the things I don't like.

loving: Cora's real social smiles. I went to get her up from a nap in her crib the other day, and her whole face lit up when she caught a glimpse of me standing over her, the sweetest, biggest smile on her face and her eyes crinkling at the corners. Wish I had had my camera.

and you?


  1. YES to your "disliking" part. Social Media is so ... ugh .. right now!!

  2. Three words: Peanut Butter Whip

    THM S. If you haven't made it, it will change your life. :)


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