Cora, one month.

Cora Jane is one month old!

And I decided to embark on another attempt to document our kiddos growing up, starting with Cora's one month post. I think I made it every month with Kateri, so I'll be linking back to those each month. (I just refreshed myself with her one month post, and holy cow she and C look SO different! Kate looks like an albino baby in comparison to how dark Cora is!)

Being a mom of two is still weird to say, but we're slowly adjusting. (That's a whole 'nother post, though, one coming soon hopefully.) Kate has been as helpful as she can, and actually on the whole is adjusting much better than I anticipated. Although I purposely didn't get my hopes up just in case it wasn't easy...haha.

Onto the stats!

Weight: She was born 8 lbs 10 oz. She lost 5% of her body weight in the hospital, and then 6 days after birth was already 9 lbs 1 oz. She was at 9 lbs 9 oz two weeks after she was born, and last week at the doctor was 10 lbz 10 she is gaining weight steadily just like her big sister did. I seem to make babies who grow very quickly and easily, which is quite a blessing!

Height: Cora was 21.5" inches when she was born. At least I think so, that's the memory I have in my head but newborn fog confuses everything. I haven't measured her since.

Firsts this month: social smile, eye contact, sleeping 5 hours at a time! (so great!).

Nicknames: Squishy Face has resuscitated, as well as Smelly because her toots and poops are WOOF.

Other things to note:
+Right now Cora seems a more difficult baby than Kate was. She goes through fussy periods in the late morning and late evening where she wants to nurse, but she also doesn't want to nurse so it's a lot of snacking and then being fussy that she's not snacking. And generally just wants to be held more than Kate did at this age.
+I'm looking forward to her settling into a more predictable rhythm. I don't mind the uncertainty at night, but since my maternity leave is officially over, it would be nice to predict when she's going to be needing me and when she'll sleep for a good stretch so I can prep to work during those times.
+Like mentioned, I'm going back to work now (when the projects come in) and really, Kate's potty training shenanigans are preventing me from working more than Cora is. I have a feeling I am going to be putting in more early morning hours and late evening hours to work when David gets home, though.
+She's not as completely lulled to sleep by the car seat as Kate. Luckily Kate seems to sleep through her screaming in the car so that's a good thing!
+Cora's definitely inherited my complexion in comparison to Kate taking David's paleness. Glad she has at least one thing from me so far.

We are enamored with her, as one can imagine.

Kate's one month again, for reference.
See you next month! (just kidding, I'll blog again before that happens. I hope.)


  1. So squishyyyyy! Looking forward to following along with the updates throughout the year. :)


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