Halloween 2016

The lack of talking on the blog recently does not exactly correspond with life around here - we've been really busy and trying to stay productive in these last 5 weeks before baby gets here. (umm...yikes.) 

I have some catch-up blogging to do once my work settles down a little bit, but I couldn't resist popping in quick to show off David and Kate's cute Halloween costumes from last night!

Kate went as an astronaut and David went as her moon & stars! (See the hat for stars reference?) 

I figured this was probably the last year I'd have complete control over her Halloween costume choices, and since I've always wanted to be an astronaut, we went with this $15 choice from Target. (#momprojecting) I made the mistake of also walking by the princess costumes after having purchased this one, and she was very confused as to why she wasn't getting one of those so...like I said, last year I get to choose 100%. 

David's costume is a very fancy piece of cardboard painted and a string attached. 

We had a total of 26 kiddos come to the door for candy (I counted!), which was a pretty good turnout for what feels mostly like a retired-people neighborhood minus the two families on our street we've met that have littles. Our new neighborhood is kind of secluded, too, so there isn't a lot of cross traffic from other places.

I vastly overbought on the amount of candy needed, so by the end each kid was getting at least 4 pieces, or however many they wanted to grab basically. Trying to win friends, we are.

Our first group of trick or treaters were a bunch of 12 year old girls, and they very hesitatingly asked me if they could pose our skeleton so it could "dab," to which I said yes but I was pretty sure the arm didn't bend that way. They tried and it sort of worked, and then stood in front of our house all taking pictures of each other next to it for a solid 5 minutes. Have I mentioned I don't miss middle school?

I creeped out our front door and got this shot of them actually going door-to-door. I think total David said they hit up maybe 10 houses? But all she wanted to do when she got home was go back out for more! And then she was much more interested in taking her candy out of her bucket piece by piece and then putting it back in -- not upset about that. 

Most of the photos I got of her were pre-trick or treating, when her face looked like the above (lol). We weren't sure how much she'd enjoy it but she was a huge fan. I'm guessing we will have to have conversations all this week asking why we can't go trick or treating again tonight...haha.

Hope you all had an enjoyable candy-filled holiday.


  1. How adorable is her costume?! Her face in that bottom picture is precious too.


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