Apparently all I can handle...

is one blog post per week at this stage of pregnancy. Oh well.

There are lots of things occupying my brain space still: the fact that we haven't picked out a baby name (for either gender! ACK!), the fact that the baby's quilt isn't done although it's super super close, all of the cleaning projects I'd like to complete because nesting for me means trying to clean and organize everything, trying to brainstorm Christmas gift ideas, working out details for my maternity get the gist.

I had my first "check" at my 36 week appointment last Thursday, and I was pretty much not progressed at all. So that's somewhat disappointing, but par for the course with Kate's pregnancy. (I think I was still just a "wiggle" dilated when we went in for our induction with her.) I'd love to go early, or on time with this baby, but I'm trying not to get my hopes in any regard so I'm not disappointed or expecting anything.

The end of pregnancy for me this time around is filled with an overwhelming amount of emotions. Not even tear-inducing emotions, surprisingly, just waves of things - feeling sadness at the thought of Kate growing up, anticipation to see what this new baby will be like, cherishing the last few weeks of cuddling with Kate in the mornings, apprehension about how our lives are going to change with another baby -- you name it, I think I'm feeling it. Sometimes all at once, which is tough to handle. I'm trying to remember that sure, the transition might be difficult in lots of varied ways, but it's nothing we can't handle.

I'm praying for strength and endurance to last these few final weeks, both physically and emotionally, and trying to remember that I got through it last time and I can do it again!

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I'm also at the stage in pregnancy where I can't make it through a normal-length day without a nap, but then I can't fall asleep at a normal time. So I've been napping quickly while Kate does and then not able to fall asleep til 11:30 or so, which isn't ideal but c'est la vie. To spend those hours after David falls asleep, I've been reading. I quickly sped through The Awakening of Miss Prim, which was alright but didn't quite live up to the hype (I'm picky, I know!). Then I read The Book of Strange New Things, a sci-fi novel about a Christian missionary sent to evangelize the inhabitants of a new planet, which was...indescribable. Fascinating, thought-provoking, unique, and deeply engrossing - highly recommend if you like sci-fi or space novels. (A little inappropriate at times, but you've been warned.) I think The Royal We is up next out of the pile I've got from the library. 

Well, that's enough rambling for one update post. 
TL;DR = still pregnant, still wasting time until baby gets here. :)


  1. You got this Mama! I was still SO scared the last few weeks before my child child was born, but God provides the grace for the moment! It is SO true!

    For both of our children, we named them the day after they were born. We never end up using a name that we previously thought we were going to pick. It's such a beautiful experience taking the time to name our
    children after having met them. I know everyone does it differently though!

    Also, my OB will not even check until 40 weeks. She is of the mind that checks before then are unnecessary. Also, it is SO tempting to obsess over them when you're in your last days! I know how the weeks drag out though! (Both my kids came at exactly 41 weeks and the labors were 32-36 hours long. Lol, watch the 3rd kid come early with a quick labor). Anyway, hang in there! This baby can't stay on forever!

    1. Hahaha, and by "child child" I meant "second child." 😂 👆🏻

  2. I've been keeping you and baby in prayer! It seems like so many women are in their last few weeks. You got this girl! Also, I was slightly disappointed by Miss Prim too (mainly the ending, even though I totally get WHY it ended like that), but maybe it's because of all the hype. Oh well. I did love the little community though!

  3. You can do it!!! Naps are usually not a great idea for me, but the few afternoon naps I've been able to take have been GAME CHANGING when it comes time to make dinner. My sister's visiting starting on Sunday and I'm going to take ALL THE NAPS!!! SO EXCITED!

  4. I just got The Awakening of Miss Prim after hearing all the hype too! Hoping to pass the next few weeks with lots of reading - I have definitely reached the point where all I can talk about/think about/dream about is this baby's birth. I'm a mess, haha!

  5. Oh my Hannah! The last few weeks of pregnancy are just so eternal and so emotional! Many prayers for you all during this time! I want to see pictures of the baby quilt so you should get it finished just for me! (JK - but take it as more motivation if you want to!) And yay, NAP!!! All the naps!!!


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