A quick catch-up

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I keep saying that, but I feel like every time the notch of "busy-ness" gets amped up by about 100° and it's really the busiest time now, but who knows. I might just keep saying that until my brain bursts.

Tomorrow marks 36 weeks cooking with this little babe, and I'm officially at the point in pregnancy where I am just really.ready.to.be.done. Everything hurts (pretty much,) I can't sleep very well due to tossing & turning all night, I am always hungry because my stomach is the size of a peanut, and I have to pee about a thousand times a day. I think I feel a lot less swollen than last time, and my sciatica pain has still stayed away (thank you Jesus) so I'm feeling more human than this point with Kate, but still veryyyyy pregnant. Ready to be able to stand actually next to the sink so I can wash my hands like a normal person, ready to be able to pick stuff up off the ground that I drop, you get the gist.

Affiliate link ahead!
Since the holidays are going to be in the newborn haze this year, I'm trying to do some shopping ahead of time which means a lot of online shopping already. A shameless plug here: if you do shopping for the holidays on Amazon, and click through my link here, I get a small percentage back with no extra charge to you. Or support another blogger! I try to click around to my favorite blogs and make a different purchase at each one to even things out. Worth the extra effort, imo.

After the moving haze this summer, I realized I haven't completed, or really even tried to read, any books whatsoever. Not a single one. (So much for my 35 books goal this year. Probably ain't gonna happen.) But I finally completed registering my new library card in Omaha and got 7 books that I've been meaning to read last Friday. I'm hoping to distract myself from the waiting game for this baby by diving into lots of novels, starting with The Awakening of Miss Prim. Fingers crossed that the plan works!

I'm also going to start The Crown on Netflix after I watch the last episode of Downton today (I know, I'm so far behind). I'm trying to pick a postpartum show to binge this time around during maternity leave, so any suggestions would be great. Something not too heavy and that I can be distracted during - I'm thinking maybe Friday Night Lights? But any and all suggestions welcome. :)

David and I should hopefully finish the baby quilt this week, so I'll have a post on that coming your way, as well as some updates on the many landscaping projects David's been steadily working at. The majority of those are done now, especially since it's now going to be dark by the time he gets home from work, which means yard things get relegated to weekend-only type projects...sigh. Stupid DST ending.

Oh, and if you need a good laugh to brighten your day, this Benedict Cumberbatch sketch on Jimmy Fallon was hilarious.

I think that's all I've got for now. Have a great Monday!


  1. the Crown is amazzzzzzzzing. We're 3 episodes deep and already as in love as with DA. Which feels scandalous to say, but it's true!

    Madam Secretary is totally binge-worthy and the first 2 seasons are all up on Netflix. Poldark is also very good.

    1. I LOVED Poldark, and just yesterday watched ep 1 of The Crown. Already love it (doesn't hurt that the 11th Doctor is in it!). I'm excited to see where they take it!


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