Catching up

:: We've been spending a lot of time either outside or at my parents' house during all these house showings. (Somewhat good and somewhat bad, they've slowed down a bit - which means I can allow the house to get a little dirty & not have to clean like a crazy person every day.) Bubbles & a freshly mown lawn are a good recipe for a time-waster when you need it.

:: I'm starting to dream & plan for more furniture we'll need to buy once we find a house in Omaha...and put in an offer...and actually buy it... (It's a long process and yikes, there are so many things about moving that now make me realize how terrible it is. But I digress.) I accidentally fell in love with this adorable Land of Nod Jenny Lind bed for Kate and now I am on a hunt to find one for her that doesn't cost $500. ($500! for a twin sized bed frame! YIKES.) Target has a knockoff that's cute but still pretty pricey, so I'm still looking out for a used vintage one that I can paint or a miraculous sale to come my way. If you see one and don't want to grab it for yourself -- hit me up.

:: Kate's watched her first few movies this last week or so, due to the fact that I bought her 4 movies at our local consignment sale for her birthday. So now every morning, she starts the day by asking to "watch mowee? watch mowee?" which is said in her adorable little-kid voice and is *really* hard to say no to, especially when pregnant me would love nothing more than to sleep on the couch while she stares entranced at Brave.

:: I discovered this awesome Chrome extension called Honey, thanks to my favorite nerdy blog Wait But Why, which automatically searches for & then applies discount codes for you at any online store. Dangerous! but very very effective, even for someone who used to spend a lot of time searching them out herself and is now wondering why she ever wasted time doing that because Honey does it so much better.

:: The Bachelorette. Are you watching?? They were not joking at the beginning of the season when they said "the most dramatic season yet..." -- even though they say that every year. I'm in a bracket that I'm totally not going to win but makes me even more invested than I usually am. My favorites are Jordan (obvious frontrunner), Chase, Ali, & James Taylor. Yours are? (Also if you need a great recap blog to add to your feed, hit up my IRL friend Lindsey's! It's hilarious and detailed and she does a great job.)

:: The Head and the Heart have a new single and it's beeeeautiful. I've listened like 100x in the last few days.

:: Any spare prayers you have would be appreciated for us to find a home in Omaha and successfully sell our house here in Lincoln. Luckily we're not in any huge hurry but the commute to & from Lincoln every day is tiring for David and I'm ready to be done cleaning like a crazy person 10x a week.



  1. House hunting (and the whole process) is NOT fun. I feel your pain. and that toddler bed is ADORABLE!! I love it.

  2. I fell in love with the Jenny Lind crib when we were putting together the nursery the first time but gave up because expensive. mother in law redid a room in their house for Zoe and got one (or a lookalike) and I was super jealous. Still am! They're so cute.

    The Bachelorette is soooo good. I'm a big fan of Jordan and James Taylor, too! Chad is crazypants.

    We'll keep you guys in our prayers. That daily commute must be really really hard, I'm sure!

  3. Yep, that bed is adorable! I recently saw a vintage baby crib for sale that was this style--maybe you could DIY hack it? It was in a Facebook group, but I'm sure I could find it again.

  4. Love that bed! My son just turned two and we have babies due around the same time, I believe. We moved into our new house last year and I am STILL working on making my son's room feel like home. It's coming together, but it won't feel right until I finally sit down and tear out the 1970s wallpaper. I personally am a Luke fan, by the way!


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