7QT #51: our marathon life

It seems like all I do nowadays is pop back on the blog for a crap-ton of updates all squished into one little post, but as that seems to be all my brain and schedule will allow...the perfect time to do so is quick takes! So I'm here for another week!

We bought a house!

I know, I know...too many GIFs. I couldn't help myself.
But that's how excited we are! To have the whole house-finding-and-buying process all out of the way...it's a big relief. Plus we LOVE the house and are super excited to move in.

I'm not going to post the address on my internet-wide blog (message me if you want it!), but here's a few pictures to give you an idea - the whole whirlwind of touring and then buying the house was so crazy fast that I didn't even take any Snapchats or pictures on my phone when we were touring it.

Legitimately - the house went on the market on a Saturday, we toured the day later on Sunday morning at 10:45 in the morning (Father's Day, nonetheless) and while we were touring, two other families showed up with their realtors. When we figured out how much we loved it (so much square footage! finished basement! great neighborhood!) we literally sped to our realtor's office and filed an offer before noon.

Yeah. The housing markets are just crazy around here.

big trees, shady, 4 (yes FOUR) car garage!
huuuuge living room - and everywhere but the kitchen/dining room has the original hardwood floors. PTL.
If you follow me on Snapchat (@h.gokie), you know that we put a different offer in on another house just about two weeks ago, and even though we were the highest offer, we didn't get it... (????, I know, I know.)

At the time, super frustrating and hard to understand, but after finding this house we are extremely grateful. It's really another great starter house and I'm excited to fill it with our stuff and make it our own.

We have big plans for the house: it needs a lot of landscaping in the front & backyards, and the kitchen is kind of a weird 70s nightmare:

but honestly, it's probably 4 times the square footage of our current kitchen so I am trying hard not to complain. Plus it has a dishwasher! And an ice machine in the fridge!

I'm pinning lots of ideas about redoing it eventually, but for budget reasons it will probably be sometime in 2017 after baby #2 gets here, because we're on probably too tight of a deadline to try and get it done before then. Plus David has ambitious ideas to knock down a big wall and I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Barring all cosmetic things, the house seems very well cared-for and in great shape, and we're ready to get going. Our closing date for both our current house and our new house is July 22, which isn't that far away. Luckily we have most of the packing and such done already, but in a 3 week span in July we will have to:
- Be in a family wedding on the 16th
- Pack up all our stuff & either move it early (if we can get our way and shove all the stuff in the giant garage) or store it somewhere
- Close on our current house
- Close on our future house
- Move in and set everything up
- Be in another family wedding on July 30
- Try not to go crazy
Soooo it's going to be a very busy next month and we'd appreciate all your prayers that I don't pass out from heat exhaustion or mental exhaustion from doing way too much stuff all at once.

Okay, enough house stuff! A picture of Kate, because every morning she's been requesting I do "pi tays" in her hair, aka pigtails, and I can't resist.

We've been avoiding the really hot weather by reading more and more books, dragging toys around the house, and "helping" with laundry. I use the word help verrrrry loosely.

Hard to believe, but this pregnancy has continued along relatively uneventfully so far! I'm 16.5 weeks as of today. We are already scheduled for an ultrasound in 2 weeks, which seems like just really crept up on me, because I have a tendency to forget I'm pregnant being so busy.

I have been having this weird upper back pain, which I *think* is pregnancy related because I've never had it before, and random food cravings/aversions, but other than that my nausea from first trimester is all gone and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm on a progesterone supplement again this pregnancy - not quite as much as last time, but it definitely makes it difficult to wake up in the morning.

Other than that I'm feeling good and very grateful that baby seems to be growing well & not making me too miserable! :)

Whew, that's enough typing for one session. Head to Kelly's to check out more quick takers and have a great weekend!



  1. Gosh, so many exciting things! I'm glad you're feeling better before life gets even crazier...will say some prayers for you! You might need that mini vaca after July is done ;)

    1. Thank you, Jen! I agree, I'm trying to convince David we need a mini babymoon/vacation to Kansas City to the nearest IKEA to relax afterwards... :)

  2. Congratulations on the house!!!!!! It looks like SO MUCH SPACE and I would do anything to have big shady trees in our yard. July sounds like it's going to be a crazy exciting month!

  3. Congrats on the house!! and I am so glad you are feeling better, especially with such an eventful month coming!! Prayers it all goes smoothly!

    1. Thank you Amy! We are stoked to not have to look for houses anymore...so so stressful!


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