All the things!

Great news! We sold our house!!!

*insert every happy emoji ever! woot woot!*

After just two weeks on the market, and for full asking ended up selling to the very last person who toured it, a very nice single lady.

Of course, the selling is all dependent on inspection & appraisal going well so we are keeping our fingers crossed, but since it was just inspected 3 years ago when we bought it and we've heard that appraisers in Lincoln are appraising for pretty much anything because the market here is crazy (seriously, now is NOT the time to move to Lincoln from out-of-town unless you're looking for a house over $250k because there are soooo few in the 150-250k range), we're hoping to not hit any snags and have everything go off without a hitch.

David would say I'm probably jinxing it by putting it on the blog but now I have no excuse not to keep blogging at a normal pace again, so I had to talk about something! :)

I'm not sure how it happened, but in the last few weeks our lavender plants in the front have exploded! I was worried about them - they were looking drab & like they weren't going to come back this year, so we put tomato cages around them and then voila! Not sure if it's a combo of all the rain we've had + super hot weather (more later on that), or just good luck, but they make me smile every time I walk out the door and down the steps. I've never seen so many blooms in one plant before!

In similar news, this has been the weather recently, and is the forecast for the rest of the week:

SO MUCH NO. We're usually hot by this time in June, but more maxing out at 95° and lots of breaks with days in the 80's. These weeks solid of 100°+ days aren't supposed to get here til August! WHAT IS AUGUST GOING TO BE LIKE???

I'm a little worried, as you can probably tell.

Like father like daughter - waiting for our waiter to come back with more free beer bread, because someone (ahem, the toddler, ahem) dropped an entire piece on the floor. Luckily it's free! Highly recommend free-bread-restaurants for successfully keeping toddlers entertained at real restaurants.

Honorable mention goes to: silverware to play with, The Runaway Bunny (one of her favorite favorite books!), and big cloth napkins to play hide-and-seek under.

Bedtime routine usually looks like this - crazy hair (on non-bath nights), staring lovingly into each others' eyes, stuffed animals in hand.

That's about all going on around here. I'm on Snapchat at @h.gokie if you're into that type of new technology thing -- exciting things like house tours & Kitty having tantrums recorded on video if you feel like you don't get enough of us already!