Renovation delight

Things that have kept Kate busy in the last week and a half, while we (mostly David) furiously try to finish a kitchen renovation in a very short amount of time:

1) "Washing" her car with water and a bucket and a rag. Seriously, I didn't think she'd be that into this but she would have done this for HOURS had I not stopped her because it was bedtime. She was soaked and giggling and deliriously happy about it all. I am filing away for future use for sure.

2) Eating leftover slices of pizza, by the slice. She loves it, requests pizza now at every meal, and the fact that it's one big piece makes it a big time-waster. Love.

3) Dumping out all of her toys in their baskets all over the living room floor, and then preciously setting up meals for her little dolls and feeding them "med-cine."

4) Picking up tiny pieces of trash all over the house, including plaster bits from wall repairs, old light switch covers, pretzels from the previous day's snackage, and random construction debris from every corner of the house and then putting them all in the trash can. It is both functional and helpful, a win-win-win situation for all involved.

5) Organizing and wearing shoes - she's always done this, and let me tell you - for zero extra dollars Mama and Dada's shoes are the best toys ever! Put them on, walk around the house, squeal in delight. Repeat as necessary.

She's been a serious trooper this entire time, staying out of the various boxes of crap we have strewn about the house because the kitchen's under work, sleeping through loud noises, being sincerely helpful by cleaning up as described above, and not being crabby about the random things she's had for dinner without a working stove/fridge combo (one night she had applesauce and crackers...and that was it). Okay, she might be happy about that last one.

We are getting to the final stages of the renovation, with just some touchup paint, handles to be installed, window assemblage, and shelving left to do, so there will be a nice juicy post on that when I get around to it and when we get it all finished. Hopefully that will be sometime by the end of the week, but no promises -- I don't want you stressing out waiting for me! ;)

Happy Tuesday Wednesday, y'all (thought it was Tuesday all day until I just now looked at a calendar. Whoops.)


  1. Ahhhhh such a tease!! I was thinking this would be a flood of reno pics!! It's good thing K is cute!


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