How to lose a kid for 10 days

Alternatively titled: we went on vacation, without Kate!

You might have guessed when I didn't post a whole lot of nothingness for a week solid that something was up -- we were living large & child-free in Vail for a whole week last week!

It was 10 (okay, not quite ten, more like 8.5) long days without Kitty and yes, I may have teared up a few times thinking about being away from her and missing her like c-r-a-z-y, but it was a fun trip with friends nonetheless and we definitely enjoyed our child-free moments.

Major props to both sets of grandparents, who took turns babysitting Kate and sent us lots of pictures to keep us cheered up and missing her a little bit less. We definitely couldn't have or wouldn't have done the trip without them both!

We spent our time doing what you do in Colorado: enjoying the nice weather, going out to dinner, going on a hike, driving in the mountains, buying souvenirs, relaxing and taking naps, stopping by rivers to explore, biking, getting out of breath too quickly because altitude, and all in all just having fun! I did hit more than 10,000 steps every day we were on vacation so we didn't quite laze around all day every day but it was a nice break from the norm.

Now, onto the photo dump. I know that's why you're here.

Okay, mountains are pretty great.

Good food was had. Jalapeno pepperoni tomato & cilantro above.

Going in mud season/"sprinter" (spring/winter) had the advantage of being COMPLETELY dead everywhere we went. The first day we walked around Vail all the shop owners were like, oh, there are actual tourists here? Which was kind of nice! And made food service and really any-kind-of-service incredibly fast and very friendly.

David and I hung back one day by ourselves and played tennis with a pretty killer view. My game? Not so killer because it was like the 3rd time I'd ever played tennis, but it was still fun.

Disadvantage of going during "sprinter"? There's still a lot of snow. We tried to go on a hike one morning and there was so much snow the path was basically we didn't make it the full way. (And I turned back early because I was tired...haha.) Still beautiful though!

One day we rented bikes and rode from Frisco to Dillon and then back. My calves and lungs were hating me by the end of it but holy cow, what a beautifully scenic view! And quite the workout in addition.

Also I hadn't been on a bike in like 2 years so sitting down for the rest of the trip was somewhat painful. #worthit

Left those sunglasses on a bench in Vail, was too lazy to go back into town and get them. Oh well, backup pair at home.

All in all it was a great trip, but Kate changed SO much when we were gone that I don't think my heart can take doing it again for a nice long while. (Seriously, she learned all these new words, and her voice changed, and she got taller, and she's all crazy more talkative now, it's insane!) They don't warn you about that stuff when they tell you to spend time away from your kiddos!

Coming home to spend a day with her on Mother's Day was the best present I could have asked for. We bought some plants at the nursery together on a mommy-daughter date while David worked on our kitchen remodel (more news on that, and other big things coming up soon! eeek! just a teaser!), and then went to my parents and had kebabs. Yum.

I missed those curls. :)

Now back to work, and regular life, and home remodels, and a thunderstorm that just made me wake Kate up from her afternoon nap because the tornado sirens went off! #midwestliving Hope your Monday's just as great.