Much ado about, well, nothing

Nothing like a good Shakespeare pun to start off on Monday morning, right? #englishmajoralert

The last few weeks have been a blur of projects, visiting family, and other such nonsense that doesn't make for very interesting blog posts, but I like documenting them anyway. And it's my blog so I can do what I want!

I used to pride myself on the fact that I was a "read one book, finish it, go onto the next book" type of person. My nightstand proves that to be not true anymore -- I'm currently reading 3 books, one less than this photo shows because I just finished The Girl on the Train last night before bed. (SO GOOD. May have given me nightmares, but totally worth it. Superb thriller.)

We tried officially potty training Kate for two miserable days last week, and then promptly gave up. She was doing somewhat fine the first day, lots of accidents as to be expected, but by the morning of the second day she was bawling every time she either had an accident, or we told her it was time to go on the potty, or over tiny little I decided it wasn't worth it and we gave up for awhile. We'll try again in a few weeks, I have a feeling.

Above you can see one of the few things that kept her on the potty without being very very angry: brushing her teeth. She is her mother's daughter!

Sleepy Kitty.
Not during this photo but on Saturday, we were driving home from the mall and Kate was so tired (had missed her morning nap shopping & eating with David's family). And this transpired:

David: Kate, do you need to take a nap?
Kate: Nooooo. (eyes wide open but looking very tired)
*ten seconds later max, after going through a turn lane*
David: Kate, do you need to take a nap?
Kate: Nooooo. *snooooores loudly* (eyes closed, sleep-talking, followed by a huge snore)

Within 10 seconds she had fallen asleep and was snoring. Adorable.

We were with David's family Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and while it was misting on Sunday morning, Kate and I walked along as David and his dad did a couple holes of golf. Kate's in this stage where she's started to notice wind and rain, and so she went "whoooaaa!" the whole time. It was adorable.

At a wedding shower for her aunt Jenn, Kate got all dolled up in the multitude of ribbons that came off the presents.

Styling toddler in sunglasses with her papa and some pretty beautiful skies and weather.

I should really attempt to break my camera out -- I've been itching to try a new lens (this 50mm is calling my name!) but budgeting prevents it so...iPhone photos it is.

I'm also trying to mentally gear up for Easter (and finish finding things for Kate's Easter basket -- if you need some ideas, head to my friend Kenzie's awesome list!) and finish up a few things around the house project-wise before that happens. How about you?


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