Eating: Sourdough bread toast & burritos & 7 layer dip...yum.

Drinking: Lots and lots of Starbucks iced coffee and, not surprisingly, La Croix.

Listening to: San Fermin, The Lumineers, Old Dominion.

Watching: David and I are catching up on the Blacklist (o.m.g.), I've been pretty stoked to be keeping up with the Bachelor, and I'm debating whether to start House of Cards this weekend.

Taking: Way too many selfies at Starbucks when I get up to stretch my legs/go to the bathroom (see above photos for reference).

Wearing: 3 days last week I wore shorts (shorts! in February!!), and yesterday I bundled up in approximately 8 layers because it was freezing. Glad to be freeing my toes when I can from the burden of socks. Socks are just not my jam, guys.

Realizing: Kate is growing up. I looked at her face this morning and noticed how much of a change there was since yesterday -- she had literally changed overnight. Whattttt. Stop growing up my tiny girl!

Working on: A big freelance project that is *this* close to being done (hooray!) as well as trying to rework our budget/make some plans for the future. Adulting, you know how I be.

Enduring: The cold, Murphy chewing up things (our carpet corner this morning, ugh...), the fact that Kate still says "no" when I ask her if she has a dirty diaper but she 100% does...

Smelling: Open windows last week which are heaven-sent, this candle from Target, laundry starting that I should go switch to the dryer when I finish this post.

Sewing: Putting the finishing touches on my baby-quilt-for-no-purpose! (Not pregnant.) I'd originally hoped it would be the start of stock for an Etsy shop somewhere in my future, but we'll see if I can hang onto it that long -- I know lots of people having babies, so it might not be possible.

Disliking: Cutting my finger on an open can of enchilada sauce the other day (it still stings!). Murphy chewing things up (see above).

Wanting: This adorable Madewell peasant top that Jenna introduced me to. Or the ability to find an alternative that isn't $100, which so far has proved an impossible task.

Cheering for: My great husband this week as we discern some changes in our lives. and Lauren B!!!

Hows about yous?


  1. You know whenever you do a post like this I just instantly copy it! But Um... we are wearing the same outfit... me right now and you in starbucks.. and I totally hear you on socks, I hate them so much ... what else was I going to comment on, The fact that this post doesnt have a picture of your adorable puppy!!! Some of us don't have puppies and have to live vicariously through you so I demand more pictures ;)
    And I would love to see quilt pictures! I am forcing myself to paint peg dolls before I start a baby quilt top but I cant BARELY hold back and I already bought charm packs and I just want to piece them SO BAD!!

    1. Haha!! I will try to take more pics of Murph. It gets increasingly difficult to get her to stay still long enough for a non-blurry photo unless she's sleeping, so we'll see how it goes. No promises on picture quality but anything for you, Amy! And once I've finished the quilt I will definitely put pics up of that too. I'm trying to convince David to hang me a clothesline in the back just for taking pictures of quilts, but it's been slow work getting there... :)

  2. I was making fun of my mom last Saturday night in for wearing sandals- then bright and early Sunday morning in mass she said, "Look at Hannah! She's wearing them!" :) PS. Totes stealing this!


    1. Hahaha! I break out the sandals as soon as humanly possible when it gets to be nice outside...I just really hate wearing shoes with socks so I'd rather have borderline cold feet and suffer through it. :) I love seeing you guys at church!


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