Don't you just love the fact that the Church basically forces us to eat & party like it's the best day of the year for 50 solid days???

My tastebuds rejoice usually and my waistline doesn't but...I can't ignore the Church's teachings, right? Although to be fair, the agony I felt after a day of sweets + sweets + more sweets Monday morning may prevent me from going overboard. Darn getting old!

We took some *really* unflattering photos on the nice camera which happen to be our only photos all together & dressed up, so I'm going to pretend like those didn't happen and just post phone pics like norm around here.

David's Easter basket involved a somewhat-gag-gift of a selfie stick, which we all had WAY too much fun with throughout the day. See above. And below. (jean jacket: Gap, old; swing dress: Old Navy)

We went to Mass with my family at 7:30, came back to a delicious brunch of quiche & coffee cake, sat around and played Catan, watched HGTV, and then had dinner with my priest-uncle and step-grandma. Nice and quiet.

yep, David spelled out "loser" with everyone's tiles waiting for us to start the game...except his own

Oh, and Kate ate way too much candy.

Honestly, she walks in my heels just about as well as I do. I'm out of practice (see: toddler to chase after) and she practices a lot.

That's about all we did, and it was great.
Hope yours was equally splendid!


  1. The Winner and Loser catan roads are pretty much the best!! Made me laugh for sure! Glad you had a nice Easter!! I total thought yesterday "I should do a weekend recap post for Hannah, she loves those!"

    1. Hehehe I do love weekend recap posts!!! You know me so well. :) And yes, David always when keeping score notates himself as "winner" and then everyone else is "loser 1", "loser 2," etc. etc. Creative, if annoying at some points. :)

  2. Replies
    1. EMILY. I know. I can't believe it. I think she has officially become a little girl and I miss her baby ways.


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