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This song, which is a great play on the old Mr. Sandman song and turns it into Señor Santa and makes it super fun. The album I found it on is one of my Christmas classics: Holidays Rule, also on Spotify. Very indie, very mellow, perfect Christmas music.

Jolie at Brim Papery wrote this amazing post today about being a work-at-home mom. It's spot on and thought-provoking (like she always is!) and I encourage you to check it out. As someone who works from home it really got me thinking.

I've been browsing online for unique and pretty fabric, daydreaming for quilts and baby projects and all sorts of fun things, and I came across this great list by Emily Henderson. So far I'm absolutely in love with all her suggestions but primarily Fabric Bubb and Drygoods Design. Someone take my credit card away from me so I don't buy them all right now. (Ahem. David.)

I made this THM Broccoli Cheese soup a few weeks ago (tweaked a little bit by just dumping all of the ingredients minus the bacon into a crockpot on high for 4 hours bc I am lazy) and it was seriously delicious. The perfect mix of creamy and broccoli-y and a huge hit in my opinion. (David's not a soup person so he wasn't a fan but it's killer, I promise.)

I bought a few of these air sole inserts by AirPuf last year at Audrey from Putting Me Together's recommendation. I realized I never sang their praises on the blog when I was talking to someone about them a few weeks ago. They are small and seem like their promise can't hold up to reality but...seriously guys these changed my heels-wearing game. I'm not big on heels in the winter because I'm pretty ice-falling-prone, but I stuck these in my shoes for now three different weddings I was a bridesmaid in during the past year and every heel wearing since and they are magic. If your heels don't give you any other complaint besides tiredness from, well, wearing heels, these will solve all your problems. Seriously. I don't know how they do it but they do.

Kate's been wearing out her beloved bunny Lola (a Jellycat bunny, here on Amazon) to no end. She's been washed over 5 times now and the smell never quite leaves, no matter how vigorously she's washed or how hot of water I use. I'm wondering if I can find a sturdier version to replace her with, or if I should just give up and buy a few more of these to sustain her for a long long time. (Also, I can't tell if that means Kate is just slobbier/gives more enthusiastic kisses than most average kids, or if she's really just destructive in general.)

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

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  1. Luke has a jellycat duck that also has a certain... smell. (He puked on it once.) I've also thrown it in the laundry multiple times to no real avail, but he still loves it. *shrug*


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