JOY. (catching up from Thanksgiving)

I hardly took any pictures on Thanksgiving, and my camera is being annoying and not downloading them onto my computer, so here are some mostly-unrelated catch up things from Thanksgiving. I spent most of it taking naps, doing some reading, and pretending like all the responsibilities I had were imaginary (which is why it's going to take me 18 loads of laundry to catch up...sigh).

^^^ is how I feel every time I walk into our bathroom now. So I took a picture of it as a sneak peek for you all. ;)

After spending many hours this weekend working on it, our bathroom new-floor-plus-new-sink-and-vanity is this close to being done. We need to do some final touch-ups and actually wash the floor once the grout sets permanently and it'll be done. Major props to David for all the hard work he and his dad did. With such a small area, there wasn't room for many more of us helping actually inside the bathroom so they did 99% of the work. (I ran a couple errands to the hardware store and that was about the extent of my contribution...haha.)

It looks fantastic and it feels like a whole new room! I seriously can't wait to show you all how good of a job they did.

I convinced David last night during bedtime to finally hang up the St. Kateri print Kate got from his parents for her birthday, umm, 6 months ago and it looks really killer. (The artist is local, Sue Kouma Johnson, and she's on Etsy!) The icon is from her godfather, Michael, and is also so gorgeous that I thought about putting it up in our living room but figured it was meant for her so decided on her room instead.

Not related to anything but I took this photo of Kate watching the snow in Columbus and she looks so grown up in it I can't believe it. Growing pains and all, I wouldn't change her for the world. (Over 33" tall now, aka she's grown more than a foot since she was born!)

Today is the first day of December. (WHAT. HOW.) I'm super close to being done with Christmas shopping, I actually managed to purchase an Advent wreath and candles this year, Christmas cards are super close to being done, and the weather's getting colder and gloomier... I don't know how it happened but another year has passed by and Christmas is coming! Hooooooray.

Keep your eyes peeled later this week for a full bathroom reveal (and process photos, too) because there's nothing quite like living vicariously through someone else's renovation I right? ;)


  1. okay but who said it was okay for your baby to turn into an adult?

  2. Can't wait to see your bathroom!! Also... KATE! She does look so big!


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