7QT #45: plumbing, quilts, and the Presidents

Last night before bed, David asked me, "Are you doing 7 for 7 tomorrow?" After a few moments of confusion we realized he meant 7 quick takes (told you, he's a really avid blog reader) and I admitted that yeah, I probably was. Because why not? :)


A napping baby just because.

This was a crazy week.
We had doctor's appointments on Monday (luckily no issues, just a checkup for Kate and David), another doctor's appointment for me yesterday, and a mess of a plumbing issue that kind of put a damper on the whole week.

I did a load of laundry on Wednesday, trying to prep for the fact that we're having a Christmas party on Saturday night and I wanted most of the laundry out of the basement. Cue a giant puddle of water in the basement NOT draining down the drain like it was supposed to when you do laundry. Then we flushed and...I won't go into details but you can imagine what happened. YUCK.

Called the plumber, who came over the next morning and gave us basically the worst-case scenario news: there are tree roots growing all throughout our sewer line in the backyard (able to be cracked because they're the original clay pipes), and we either have to replace ALL of the pipe in our backyard, most of it, or every 6 months have a plumber come and snake the sewer line until it finally bursts all the way (anywhere from 3 to 10 years from now).

As you can imagine, that's not going to be a cheap project -- no matter which option we choose. :( Home ownership, am I right?

So keep us in your prayers, would you?

Onto happier things...some music recommendations!

Feeling Electric by Parade of Lights
and a throwback,
Little Secrets by Passion Pit

(I have not watched either youtube video, a fair warning, it's just the easiest to link to here.)

I'm still daydreaming/slowly thinking/hoping for my Etsy quilt shop to eventually open up, which this week has manifested into drawing patterns and researching things on patterns, fabrics, and all that jazz. I found this seriously gorgeous Rainy Day Quilt Pattern on Craftsy, after sketching out a raincloud/rain drops quilt pattern for myself.

I have a hard time deciding which direction I want to go with my quilts. On one hand I love super-modern looking quilts that leave no doubt they were sewn in the 21st century, but I also love super intricate old-fashioned ones. And my passion is baby quilts so that's probably where I'll start...if I ever get up the nerve/inventory to do so... ;)

Also, if you want to drool over some gorgeous quilts and baby products, Little Wife Power House is my quilting muse.

I know I said I'd be posting a tour of our new bathroom but, as you can imagine, the whole plumbing situation kind of pushed everything on our to-do list back quite a ways. Also I realized that if I was going to get pictures of the entire space in the daylight, it was going to have to be during the weekend when David was home because it gets dark before then most nights now.

So. Sorry about that. Next week maybe??

Something to make you laugh on a Friday:

I was crying I was laughing so hard! Pretty sure my favorites are: JJ Abrams, Rose Bowl, Minivan Bureau, Tombo Jeffs, and Herbie Fully Loaded.

Ohh, the dumb but hilarious things you can find on the internet. Worth a good laugh at the very least.

Well, off to a weekend of partying and cleaning and snack-making and Christmas cheer come early! Head to Kelly's for more quick takes!



  1. Cracking up over the presidents thing. I think Hugh Grant is my fave. lol. Seriously looks like something my 18 year old brother dreamt up.

  2. Oh the joys of home ownership! It seemed like we had something breaking every other month for the first year in our house. Hopefully you'll be able to make the repairs gradually to space out those costs!

  3. Tree roots in pipes can be a huge issue if not handled immediately! Drain Cleaning in Bronx takes care of this issue.


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