Christmas already??

It's been real quiet around these parts lately. Sorry if you (ahem David) came here every day in the past week or two expecting riveting content and I severely disappointed you.

Heck, Theresa just had a baby and she's been posting more than I have. (Also, she's superwoman because she wrote the birth story still in the hospital. Amazing, right?)

Anyway. I could make a lot of excuses for my lack of posting...including trying to avoid the dreaded pre-Christmas work slump, extra freelance projects, a head cold traveling between the 3 of us, the last-minute Christmas shopping I swore I'd avoid this year (umm, major fail), the fact that I'm engrossed in Storm of Swords (no spoilers plzzz), etc. etc.

But it's primarily laziness, let's be real. The mental energy I'm expelling to comprehend that Christmas is on Friday is taking up 99.9% of all of the brain space I have, and so the usual .2% I use for blogging has been taken over and I've been too lazy to try and reclaim it. Apologies. :)

How about a photo dump post? Yes???

On Friday night we went out to eat at Red Robin (we had a giftcard from David's bday, thanks honey!). It was Kate's first real experience with the magic that is the crayons + kids menu, and she was pretty darn enthralled with it.

I've tried coloring with her before, but she never seemed to get the concept - it was more a game of "let's just move these crayons around for a long time" rather than putting pen to paper, as it were. But she definitely got some coloring in this time and it was super cute! The fact that she was in a booster next to Dad instead of banished to a high chair helped the cause, I think. 

On Saturday morning, David's sister's fiancé graduated from college. I was hesitant about Kate's behavior going in, because college graduations are not known for their brevity, but she actually did a great job. (I brought snacks and juice which never hurts when Kitty's usually fixes any ail she has.) Although I don't think it would have gone as well without 5 of us adults looking after her (the bulk of it going to her grandma and her aunt).

Plus she snuggled with me at the end which really never gets old.

Also, #instagramhusband.

Just a cute photo post-nap. :)

This morning, Kate's been wrapping up her baby doll in first a baby washcloth (no idea where she got it but I'm not arguing) and then mama helped her find a big blanket to swaddle her in. She's proceeded to then kiss her baby multiple times, sway back and forth to the music with her in her arms, and lay down next to her for "naptime." Heart. Melted.

I have a feeling it's going to be relatively quiet around these parts for the next few weeks. We're doing a bit of traveling over the holiday, and I don't plan on blogging. But there will be plenty of catch-up when I get back, don't you worry!

Merry (early) Christmas to all, and to all a :)