currently [summertime]

drinking: leftover from lunch, a Diet Coke. I haven't had much water yet today though so when it's gone that's next.

eating: well, for lunch I had pizza rolls and an apple...the picture of health, over here. I've not been snacking very much so currently not eating anything.

watching: the background of our Chromecast cycle through photos. I'm going to start my next episode of Silicon Valley in a minute, as soon as I get off Apple Support's chat line.

listening to: the sweet sweet silence of naptime.

reading: (amazon affiliate links ahead!) I just finished Cold Mountain last night - and I stayed up too late doing so. What a hefty book, and not for the faint of heart, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Up next is Thick as Thieves (the newest Megan Whalen Turner) and The Gunslinger by Stephen King. I also have Outlander on loan from the library but I don't think I'm going to get to it before my checkout expires.

wearing: gym shorts and a tee, as every day in the summer.

working on: this blog post, and taking a nice (tiny) break from my job-work. We had a crazy busy month and there's a little window of respite before the next month's books come pouring into my inbox, so just trying to relax while I can and catch up on other internet things.

writing: a screenplay, some other projects, and occasional blog posts.

making: probably chicken wraps & tater tots for dinner, otherwise not much. Gourmet! Once the weather cools down I want to try some of the desserts I've seen on the Great British Baking Show, but it's wayyyy too hot to turn on the oven for anything not completely necessary right now.

thanking: the good Lord that both girls are on a somewhat predictable nap schedule, and they both nap together in the afternoon. Life. Changer.

disliking: the weather. I want fall and the ability to wear jeans without sweating a bucket every time.

wondering: what workout program I should start next. I want to do more weight-lifting but we don't have a pull-up bar or strap set to supplement it in the basement (where I workout). Sooo indecision.

loving: Cora's goofy grin she gets when we put her in the jumper. She is obsessed with it. She'd jump in it for hours if I let her.

What's going on in your corner?