Cora, 7 months

Cora is 7 months old! This year is flying by.

Weight: over 20 lbs by our home scale estimation!

Height: no clue, sorry, too wiggly of a baby to try and measure on my own. She looks visibly longer than before if that makes a difference?

Firsts this month: HOUSTON WE HAVE A CRAWLER. A whole 3 months earlier than Kate learned! She has motivation to get to toys and such because she sees her big sis playing with them, so yeah.

Nicknames: I keep calling her C.J. because it's adorable and I love The West Wing but it hasn't quite caught on yet.

Other things to note:
~~ She's down to just one wake-up per night to eat, usually somewhere around 1:30, but she sleeps from 7-7 almost on the dot every night. YAY.
~~ Naps are usually one 2-hour nap and one 1.5 hour nap, which is amazing. Now that we've been home it's been a lot easier to get her on a little bit of a schedule, so she usually sleeps from 10-12 and 2-4 (give or take).
~~ I can tell when she's fully rested or when she's had a nap cut short, because if she naps a full length she is SO happy to wake up, and if she gets rudely awakened she is a crank ball. Luckily those are somewhat few and far between and she's happy most of the time.
~~ I totally forgot what it's like to have a crawling baby in the house. I mean, in my defense it's been like 2 whole years, but it's still jarring to have her end up under furniture/playing with something she shouldn't/yanking on electrical cords when just a few days ago she was pretty much motionless. Her crawl is sort of a weird hybrid between an army crawl and an inchworm crawl. See below for an IG video of it!

~~ She's very into baby food now. We're just doing various veggies/fruits/baby cereal at this point, with some various table foods thrown in now and again when I remember or need her to stay occupied in her high chair while Kate eats. Not a lot of skill in actually getting the table food into her mouth, but she loves playing with the textures.
~~ I'm trying to sippy cup train her relatively earlier than I did Kate, and she's okay with it so far. Not amazing but I haven't tried super duper hard.
~~ Overall she's really thinning out because of all the new movement! She's getting long and marginally leaner, but still has those lovely chunky legs.

We love you, baby!