Baby quilt #2, finished!

As you may have heard me mention about 100 times on the blog, one of the things I am going to try and do for each baby we're blessed with is sew them a quilt. I have no lofty plans for baby books, or scrapbooking, or anything else to continue child to child, but I decided to choose sewing a really complicated project in the 9 months of pregnancy as the one thing I could do instead...because I thought it would be more feasible?? (I don't know, you guys.)

In case you'd like to peek into the past, here's my post for the quilt we sewed for Kate, and some plans I had for this one when we started.

Like I said in that planning post, we decided to go pretty much opposite of Kate's quilt in terms of complicated aspect. Her quilt was really complicated in the piecing, especially for both David and I who are not expert quilters, but then we just quilted in the ditch. This time around we pieced 6 very easy squares together and tried our hands at free motion quilting.

After the piecing, David quilted the two yellow squares and the green one, and I quilted the other 3. Originally I had thought we'd do the same pattern on all the squares, and then I thought maybe we'd do a different one on each one, but David really liked his spiral pattern so he stuck with that on his 3 and I changed it up each time.

David's handiwork ^^^. Who says men can't quilt? (He is a lot more meticulous than me, so he's really the better person for a quilting job just in general. And he doesn't complain when I make him do the boring ironing parts or make sure my cuts are straight.)

The blue on the above photo turned out to be my favorite "pattern" of the ones I did. I will say, quilting free-motion takes some getting used to, especially on just a regular sewing machine like we have, but it was a lot of fun at the same time to get to experiment and try new things.

My biggest regret from this quilt was the batting we picked. I thought we had picked the same kind as last time, but after piecing the top and doing the actual quilting, I realized it was a lot less dense/lofty than the other one...and we were much too invested to pick something different. So next time I quilt I will hopefully look back on these posts and remember which one not to get! The less-dense batting makes it feel more just like a blanket, rather than a fluffy quilt, which especially since this baby is a winter baby is kind of unfortunate but - you live and learn.

All in all, I'm very pleased with how our work came out. We kind of put off finishing it til it was stressing me out, but since it's finished before the baby, we're all good.

Having finished this, I'm now into the season of knitting and other hand-craft things, so I'm making slow progress on the blanket I started 20 years ago (joke, but knitting a blanket is SO LONG and BORING and it never seems to get any bigger). I want to knit Kate a few ear muffs for the winter, because she doesn't like messing her hair up with a hat and her ears are always so a toddler-sized headband will be a very quick project. Maybe this baby will let me knit while holding them, you never know! (And I've never tried!)

What crafts have you been working on? I'm always looking for more projects to start and then subsequently take months to finish... :)


  1. Oh my gosh I love that you guys made that quilt together!! So sweet!!!

  2. I must behind on my blog reading because I just commented on your last post and then realized you had a new one! I seriously love the quilt idea and wanted to tell you I still use the quilt I was given from my grandma as a baby (except it's for my babies now!). Gotta love a gift that will span generations :)

  3. What an heirloom, even if it wasn't the batting you'd prefer. :)


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