7QT #14: first one post-baby!

Woohoo! Linking up with Jen - I mean Kathryn, this week - for my first set of takes post-baby!

1. First of all, this is what I get to look at right now:

Yep, that's my baby and my work computer...in our basement. Since we've got a terribly insulated attic, where my work desk was previously, we moved it to the basement for the hot Nebraska summer. Kate decided to join me down here while I do some blogging and catching up on emails and comments. Doesn't she look peaceful? Must be all that musty air down here.

Oh and in case that pic wasn't enough cute for your day, here you go:

She's been an absolute peach of a baby, and we love her very much. But I won't spend more time talking up the wonders of my sleeps-7-hours-at-night-baby...at least not in this post. :)

2. So I got a Kindle as a Mother's Day, birthday, and push present from the most wonderful husband and new dad in the land. I want to start reading more lit on it, instead of just using it as a bigger screen to browse Facebook on - but I need some assistance. Our local library doesn't have the greatest database for renting ebooks, so where do you get yours from? Do you buy? Borrow? if so, from where?
my face when I saw that my present was a Kindle

3. I've recently become obsessed with these Special K Red Berries cereal bars:
Most granola bars that are just 90 calories aren't enough to fill me up in the morning - in college I usually scarfed 2-3 of the knockoff brand down for a full breakfast. I'm not sure if it's a still-shrunk stomach, or a matured metabolism, but just one of these babies now fills me up! It's worth the extra price for name brand in this case. Plus they're delicious. I highly recommend them.

4. Because we just had a baby, our family and friends have been generously supplying us with free dinners for the last two weeks. And holy cow, I am getting used to the whole, having-dinner-delivered at 5:00-every-day thing.

I've made meals for friends postpartum before, but thought it was more of just an excuse to come see the baby rather than an actual convenience for the new mom. I was SO WRONG. It's really the best thing I've experienced after having Kate.

I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to life where I have to make our food again.

5. For some reason, the one chore I am able to keep up on with Kate here is laundry. Don't ask me why, but during the last few weeks of pregnancy and now the first two postpartum I've been super motivated to keep all our laundry clean and accessible.

before that our laundry built up like this before I even thought about doing it
Obviously there's quite a bit more with a baby who spits up and poops on pretty much every baby article we've got, but it's not daunting or as burdensome as I used to think it was.

Let's hope this continues for the rest of, like, forever.

6. I'm currently smashing my way through the 4 seasons of Parenthood that are on Netflix. I am in LOVE.

If you need a new show to obsess about, I highly recommend it. I'm working on a blog post (well, in my head) about all the reasons I love it so I won't spoil it here, but trust me when I say you'll watch the pilot and be hooked for the rest of forever.

7. Well, Baby Kate is looking hungry so I better finish these up here. Check out the rest over at Team Whitaker. Til next time!


  1. A Kindle is an amazing gift - my husband gave me one for my birthday 2 months before baby #2 was born... perfect thing when you are stuck in a chair nursing or otherwise baby-wrangling nearly 24/7. Yes, Netflix, Facebook, and library e-books! Enjoy!

  2. Kate is super cute!! And she sleeps??!! THE HOLY GRAIL. We went one for two over here ;) I LOVE the Kashi cranberry lemon bars, if you're ever looking to branch out for your morning fix!


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