Baby Kate's birth story (part 2)

30 June 2014

30 June 2014
See part 1 and my awesome birth story disclaimer here, cause, you know, copying and pasting that is wayyy too much work.

So, where was I? Oh yes, failed induction numero uno.

Talk about disheartening. I know I mentioned it previously but let me reiterate how pretty much humiliating and gut wrenching it is to go into be induced, get shot up with a bunch of drugs, and then have your body basically become some sort of robot that doesn't respond to human medicine.

It's a little scary, as in - will this baby ever get out of me? and also a little - what the heck is wrong with me? So there's that.

We came back into the room after my break off the droga train, and a desperate plea to Mama Mary, and they started the whole process over again from scratch. Same song, same very familiar song, second verse.

Another dose of Cytotec in, another few hours in the evening of continuous monitoring, watching HGTV and the Weather Channel and Harry Potter, another rather sleepless night. At this point both David and I were pretty exhausted, so we may have gotten actually deeper sleep this second night compared to the first, even though it was less in quantity.

Same story as the first time around when they checked me at around 4 a.m., after the night on Cytotec. I had made a teeensy bit more progress, but the contractions weren't painful (obviously, I slept through a bunch of them) and my water was still intact. My contractions were too close together again to put in another dose of Cytotec, so they switched me to Pitocin...again. At this point I was getting really disheartened. I told myself that I was just going to have to accept it, we were probably going home without a baby this afternoon and I just needed to come to terms with that and move on.

My doctor came to visit before heading into the office in the morning, somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30. (Apologies, because the hours start to get a little vague from this point on.) He came in, said hi, and then said, "Well, should I try and break your water?"

Apparently they try to wait until most women are around 2-3 cm before intentionally breaking their water, and I was 1+a wiggle still...over 24 hours later. "Trying" to break my water sounded a little terrifying, but I was game and David seemed on board so we said yes. He got the stick thing with the hook (I forget the technical name for the crochet hook they stick up there to do its job), and got to business - then BAM, gush of water errrrwhere!

I don't know why I expected it, but I had this idea in my head that your water was cold. I know, had I thought about it more than a brief second I would have realized that was insane. But nonetheless I was surprised at how...grossly warm it was gushing everywhere. Annnyyywho.

I read in many a birth story that after they break your water stuff gets real, real fast. That was pretty much the case with me - I started to really feel my contractions, which was a relief, and they quickly increased in intensity and frequency. It was so exciting to finally be seeing real sizeable contractions on the monitor and to have something to focus on rather than just waiting around! I know that's somewhat opposite of what most women feel like in labor, but after such a long wait it was awesome to know that stuff was really happening.

For awhile, we just got through contractions one by one. I got up to pee, not remembering that the nurse had warned me more water might gush if I got up. That was a surprise to both David and me - suddenly I was surrounded in a puddle of liquid and totally caught off guard. David was a champ throughout the whole thing - very helpful and if squeamish, hid it really well so I didn't notice.

At around 10 a.m. or so, the contractions got REAL. I was like, okay yes, this is what people were talking about when they said this thing birthing thing was painful. I was exhausted, having been at the hospital for almost 48 hours at this point, and although we had maybe hoped to have a natural birth (when it came to pain meds, anyway) that was not in the cards for us this time. (I was on pitocin again at this point, not sure what level but not up to the point of the previous day's level.) A lot of that natural plan had to do with wanting to try and labor at home for as long as possible, which obviously didn't happen either, so neither David nor I were too disappointed when we got the epidural.

So I asked for the epidural and whoa baby, they weren't kidding when they said that thing works its magic! After that point I was obviously glued to the bed - definitely the main downside when it comes to epidurals, from my opinion, anyway.

Funny side story - when the anasthesiologist was giving me all those needles in a row, David almost fainted - not from being grossed out but from locking his knees while supporting me. Luckily we avoided an actual incident, but it was close.

For the next 5 hours or so, it was a lot more of HGTV watching and chilling out. I couldn't feel anything down there - exams, more water breaking or leaking, etc. etc. (It was magical - I still can hardly believe they've invented something that can do that so effectively. Modern medicine is amazing.)

During that 5 hours, the nurses came in about every half hour to change my position in order to hopefully get Kate's head to engage a little bit - she was still really high at this point, even though I was progressing pretty regularly. They switched me from side to side, using one of those peanut balls squished in between my legs to try and get her to turn and move, which helped a little bit, but didn't work 100%. She definitely was favoring the one side, because whenever I tried my right side for more than 5 minutes her heart rate went down, but as soon as I turned over again, she popped right back up completely fine.

Eventually they stopped trying to turn me to the right side because it just kept happening, so they were just hoping whenever I was fully dilated that she'd get the picture and come! on! down! (Price is Right, anyone?)

she can scream when she wants!
Everything after this point gets a little fuzzy. Somewhere around 7 p.m., I started to feel the contractions again - not so much the pain, but TONS of pressure. It was pretty obvious to David that I was feeling stuff again, so he asked the nurse if they were going to re-up my epidural or anything. Unfortunately for me, the nurse informed us that they probably weren't going to, because they wanted me to be a little more aware of contractions and things so Kate would be able to find her way out. I'm foggy on the details of the conversation exactly because the pressure was completely distracting at this point, so sorry for that.

There was awhile where I just had to wait it out through each contraction. It didn't feel like I had to push yet, but the sensation difference between contractions w/o epidural and contractions w/epidural was definitely apparent. Eventually around 9 p.m. or so, the nurse checked me and I was at 10 cm! I think those have to be the sweetest words anyone has ever told me...just kidding but seriously, it was amazing to know that we were close-ish to seeing baby.

After checking me, the nurse goes, "well, should we try and push?" David and I were like, umm are these like real pushes? Shouldn't there be some more build up to this point, instead of just, hey if you wanna you can push? But that was the cue! I started pushing on every other contraction, which was the worst part of the entire process. I figured out that pushing relieved that intense pressure I had been feeling (so maybe it was somewhat the urge to push the whole time? even though I wasn't dilated all the way? not sure) so having to push and then NOT was terrible. They had a good reason for making me wait in between each one - hoping to get Kateri's position better, because she was in between OT and OP - but it wasn't so fun for me.

so much pain...
We pushed for probably about an hour with just me, David, and the nurse in the room. Eventually the nurse says it's time to call the doctor, so she does. More pushes and waiting, until he arrives and gets suited up and stuff. At this point I had my eyes closed until she was born, so I didn't actually see or realize this til quite later, but we had a lot of other people join us when our doc did - a NICU nurse because we were overdue, a regular nursery nurse, our nurse plus another one to help me push, our doctor, another additional doctor, and some nurse practitioners (I think?) to observe. It was apparently crowded in there (according to David). I'm glad I didn't know that - I think it may have freaked me out.

Our doctor checked me, and turned to David and said: "Well, it's looking like we're going to either need to use the vacuum or just go straight to a c-section. What do you want to do?" I heard him ask the question and in my head was screaming "VACUUM! WE ARE NOT GIVING UP NOW!" and luckily I think David is a mind-reader and quickly answered "vacuum." (I didn't have enough energy to respond out loud.) Obviously that wasn't going to guarantee that I wasn't going to have a c-section but I wanted to at least try...after 50+ hours at this point, it didn't seem right to just give up.

So apparently they got the vacuum all ready...and I didn't end up needing it. By the time doc was observing my contractions, I was pushing through every one (halleLUJAH) and finally, finally, FINALLY! after 2+ hours of contractions, at 11:39 p.m., one push and out came her head, cord wrapped around her neck so doc cut it, and the second one gave the rest of her - Kateri made her glorious appearance! Prior to that the doc had to do some major cutting (hello, 4th degree episiotomy...poor David still has nightmares about the sound it made) but it was worth it for a vaginal birth.

He threw her on my chest where she pooped everywhere (story of our lives nowadays) and screamed her head off - no worries about her being healthy there! Then they got to work stitching and David, Kate, and I enjoyed our first two hours as a family.

my two favorite people in the world

It was long. And difficult. And more painful than I had imagined. But David was amazing throughout the whole process - I couldn't have done it without his support and help. He was wonderful and is a naturally great dad. I can't put into words how much I admire him for sticking it out through the long process and for every little thing he did for me. We make a pretty perfect team...and a pretty gorgeous baby.

I've had an amazing recovery (more on that in another post, probably) and having her out here in the world is perfect and amazing. I'm even already forgetting the pain and I'm still so grateful that we were all able to make it through the whole thing healthy and happy. We love her so much already - we can't imagine our lives without her!


P.S. If you made it this far, you're amazing. This turned into a novel! One more bonus picture for you, champ!

7QT #15: soccer, swimsuits, and summer

27 June 2014

27 June 2014
Joining Jen who's back from her interweb vacation for another week's worth of quick takes!

1. Pretty sure Baby Kate gets cuter and cuter as the days go by, and smarter and stronger too. She's 4 weeks old today and I can't believe how different she seems from when she was born.

her selfie game is already baller status
It's been amazing watching her grow already. I can't imagine what I'll be thinking in another month, in 6 months, in a year from now, in 10 years. I can already see so much of her dad and me in her and I cannot WAIT to see more.

Motherhood, man. It's surreal.
(Pssst if you want to read part one of her birth story, clickee here. Part two this week, I promise.)

2. This week was my first back working - although I'm not back to 40 hours yet, it's been more of an adjustment than I thought it was going to be. I'm super blessed to be at home with Kate, but it's difficult differentiating time with her versus time I should be working. It's also hard looking at her feeling like I should be devoting all my energy and focus to her 24/7 (I mean, in a normal way) and I'm not, I'm working instead. I may have cried once or twice thinking about it, or while I happened to look at her in her swing with the cutest face ever while I was responding to work emails...

Blogging time has also definitely decreased since most of my "breaks" have been spent nursing her, or eating myself. Next week I'm shooting for 40 hours "in-office," so we will see how that goes. I'm sure I'll keep crying and adjusting as we go, but's hard so far.

3. This Sara Bareilles album has been getting me through the work week - and Kate seems to love her too, so win-win.

I bought her first album in high school before she was really popular, but stopped listening to her during college. I'm back now though and loving it. She has a way of writing songs that are catchy, emotional, and honest in ways that are hard to find in other artists. If you haven't listened to this whole album yet I highly recommend it.

4. Did you read Jenny's post this week? As per everything that she writes, it's pretty much pure gold for women and mothers everywhere.

It's been great meditation for me as I come to terms with my first postpartum body and all that entails.

5. In that same vein, I'm unfortunately in need of a swimsuit for family vacations coming up here very very soon. Send me your recommendations for places online to shop that are somewhat nursing friendly and not uber expensive?

I've had my eye on this Charade swimsuit from Albion Fit for ages but it's a little pricey for me right now. Got any knockoff ideas for me? Extra points if it's a store I can go buy it from right now... ahem...Target, or some such thing, in other words.

6. Do you read Amanda and Jonathan's blog, True Good and Beautiful? First of all, if you don't, you should. They are two amazing FOCUS missionaries living in Colorado, and actually Amanda lived in the house I did in college a few years before I got there! (#avilalala for life!)

image courtesy
Second of all, they are looking to grow their family through adoption, and are looking for a birth mother! It would save them a lot of money if they can find the birth mother and child themselves, instead of through their adoption company, so they're opening their hearts (talk about vulnerable!) and asking for help from everyone they know.

Do you know someone in search of an adoptive family? Do you have time to mention them on social media, or maybe donate to their campaign? You can read all about their journey here, and donate to their cause here. If you can't do either, they can always use your prayers too!

7. David's a big soccer fan, and I'm slowly getting in to the sport myself (sorry it's taken me so long, honey!) so I've been sort of keeping up with the World Cup action.

If you want to watch a hilarious parody video about the difference between American football and "futbol," you'll get a hit out of this Jason Sudekis NBC video.

Hilarious, and oh-so-accurate.

Happy weekend to everyone, and til next time - check out Conversion Diary for the rest of this week's takes!

Baby Kate's birth story (part 1)

24 June 2014

24 June 2014
If you're squeamish, or don't like to read or hear birth stories (something which I cannot relate to but I guess it takes all kinds), I would highly recommend skipping this post series. I'm about to use pretty technical terms and get into the nitty gritty, because I am a lover of birth stories and don't wanna spare anyone the major details. away if ye must. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Here goes the epic, multi-part saga of Baby Kate's birth. Grab a snack, get in a comfy chair, and settle in for the long haul because this is gonna take awhile.

First, let's look at the beauty that caused (and resulted from) all this schtuff.

she does love her car seat!
Okay, now that we can all visualized that cuteness, leggoooooo.

At my 40 week doctor's appointment (May 23), we had the induction talk with our doctor. It looked like Kate wasn't going to budge without some sort of assistance, and because of a very long and complicated situation with our insurance (which I'm convinced is the devil's occupation), we wanted to make sure and have Baby G before June hit.

Our doc was perfectly fine with inducing the next Wednesday if nothing had happened naturally by then, so we made an appointment at the hospital for May 28th at 7:30. It was sort of surreal making that appointment, because we then had this definite time frame of for-sure-we-will-have-a-baby-by-this-date in our heads.

Up until that point, even though we had reached and passed the 40 week mark, the baby's arrival still felt like it wasn't actually ever going to happen. I could definitely still understand that there was a large baby inside me (gettin' larger every gosh-darn moment) but it still didn't seem like that baby would ever be out here in the world. Not sure if that's a first-time mom thing, or happens every pregnancy, but it was definitely surreal.

Of course, nothing happened between that doctor's appointment and our appointment at the hospital. I spent every night between that Friday and Tuesday wishing, praying, taking my EPO (evening primrose oil), drinking raspberry leaf tea, and walking miles and miles and MILES, it seemed like, in order to get somethin' going down there.

It was a little frustrating, to say the least. I think I had LESS Braxton-Hicks contractions during those 5 days than I had all the weeks leading up to my due date. I was exhausted from all my walking, and from having literally nothing else to think about except for the baby and wanting it to just freaking get here already!

proof of huge-ness
Nothing happened, so when we hit Wednesday night, it was go time.

Having an appointment to be induced was basically the opposite of all the scenes in the movies they show of people running around with their heads cut off to get to the hospital. We went to the vigil Mass for the Assumption at our parish (the feast day was the next day), stopped and got some Chipotle for a "one-last-meal" feel, went home and ate, and then leisurely packed our bags and drove to the hospital.

We kept saying to each other, "Can you believe we're going to have this baby now?" It was crazy.

Walking in the halls to the baby ward was hilarious - pretty much every person in any sort of scrubs gave me a double or triple take, because I was obviously huge and carrying our stuff, but didn't seem to be in any sort of labor. Yep, a little disappointing. But it was way too much work to try and explain that to every person we passed, so I just let it slide.

We checked in all casually, and went to our labor room...which we envisioned would be our home for only 24 or so hours. Ohhhhh how wrong we were!

Now to the nitty gritty.

I got hooked up to the contraction monitor and the baby heartbeat monitor, and laid there for awhile all still so they could see Baby G. I was having painless contractions, according to the monitors, and baby was looking great, so they began the induction process.

A quick disclaimer: if you're getting induced, please know that what happened to me rarely every happens...the nurses and my doc were all pretty surprised about it. It wasn't horrible, either, but just wanna put that out there.

They started my induction by putting in a dose of Cytotec (or however you spell blogging time is limited so I'm not gonna look up how to spell it) and let me chill for awhile. David and I whiled away the time by playing Go Fish, watching Harry Potter and HGTV, and narrowing down our list of names.

We had spent basically the entire pregnancy convinced that Kate was a boy. Every single one of our friends who have kids have girls, and we both just KNEW she had to be a boy. Even our nurses and doctor all thought boy from the way I was carrying. So when I say we spent time discussing names, I mean we talked about our boy name options, and basically just forgot about the possibility of it being a girl.

Can't remember if I posted this pic already, but this was a CA-RAY-ZEE storm that rolled through Lincoln in about a 20 minute time span. It warranted an amused-face pic from me.

So we whiled (wiled? whilled? how the biff do you spell that word?) away the hours amusing ourselves for awhile as the Cytotec got to work. The plan was to wait and see how it did, maybe put another dose of the same in if it wasn't working, and then in the morning switch to Pitocin to get some contractions going.

Let me tell you, it's probably a good thing that we don't have cable, because we would just watch HGTV 24/7 like the boring old married couple that we are. We got majorly spoiled during our trip - so much so that I thought about going to visit my parents just to watch another episode of Love It or List It. It was bad.

I think we both finally went to sleep around 11 p.m., maybe a bit later. I was still having contractions, and feeling them a teensy bit more than before, but they weren't painful at all. I had a few vag exams at this point, but they didn't want to disturb the drug up there so not a ton. When I was checked when we came in, I had made zero progress from my doctor's appointment the week previous, and one of the checks in the middle of the night was the same - 1 cm, with maybe a tiny wiggle past that. Technical term, y'all.

I slept for maybe 4 hours, getting woken up every two hours or so for a nurse to come in and check something, and David slept for a little bit longer, maybe 5 hours, on the oh-so-glamorous couch that really isn't made for a long-haul stay.

When it was time to maybe put another dose of Cytotec in, they came in and looked, and my contractions were too close together to put another dose in (something about the drug makes it so you can't put in another dose if they're too close together...idk). So at around 5:00 in the morning they started me on Pitocin, with all the IV and fluids that go with that.

Once again, my contractions picked up a little bit, but nothing was super painful or distracting. I could still talk through my contractions, and they weren't doing squat. Every time a nurse came in to check me, she had this hopeful expression but then had the same thing to respond...still 1 cm, no progress.

Talk about disappointment. After hearing horror stories of women who just detest Pitocin contractions, here I was sitting pretty with contractions close together that weren't painful and that weren't doing anything!

David and I watched more HGTV and the Weather Channel (like I said...boring old married couple). He kept suggesting we watching something a little more entertaining, but I was expecting any moment to go into real labor and I didn't want to have to deal with putting his laptop away, so I kept shutting that idea down.

Hours went by...we sat there...I went to the bathroom a few times, I think, and they gradually upped my Pitocin pretty much every hour.

They started me at 2 (I think mL/hour?), and gradually increased til at about 1 p.m. I was at 20 mL/hr when my doctor finally came to visit. Now, most women's bodies respond to Pitocin around the 12-14 mark, and the maximum dosage they ever give a woman is 25. So when my doc came in, he (and by this point, the nurses too) were a little concerned that my body showed no signs of doing anything.

stubborn like her parents!
Then my doctor said the one phrase guaranteed to put any pregnant woman into a rage, ESPECIALLY an overdue one who went in to be induced:

"Well, we might just want to send you home, since nothing's happening..."

I gave David a silent glare and in my head said There is no way in HELL I am leaving this hospital without a baby. We came here to be induced, for goodness' sake! Isn't that kind of the point?? If I have to go home without a baby I will MURDER SOMEONE.

David, being the wonderful mind-reader that he is, asked our doctor if there was another option. Because really, if we went home, we'd wait for another couple days and what, come back in to be induced then, since we were already almost at 41 weeks? Seemed silly to both of us.

Our doctor agreed to let us try the whole induction process again from the beginning, after a break to let the Pitocin wear out of me and let me eat some real food, since I hadn't had a full meal since the previous night's Chipotle.

We ordered some food from the cafeteria and ate, and then I had a bit of a crying session. Can you blame me? It's a little disheartening to know that modern medicine is doing all it can to get your body to go into labor, and have nothing happen. I don't think I told David this ever, but at that point I was pretty convinced that I'd end up with a C-section...because that's what happens when your body doesn't do what it should.

My mom came for a surprise visit to try and cheer me up, and so we all took a walk outside so David and I could escape that room that had been our home for almost 24 hours at this point. We also made a stop in the chapel to pray (love Catholic hospitals) where I made pretty much the most fervent prayer I've ever prayed to our Blessed Mother to please call in a bunch of favors and let me go home with a baby, pretty please? Then we went back to our room...

aaaaand that's where I'm going to leave part 1 for you all! Baby Kate is getting hungry so I've gotta go feed her.
Stay posted for the riveting end to our story! Coming soon, I promise. :)

UPDATE: part 2 found hereeeee. Enjoy yourselves.


7QT #14: first one post-baby!

13 June 2014

13 June 2014
Woohoo! Linking up with Jen - I mean Kathryn, this week - for my first set of takes post-baby!

1. First of all, this is what I get to look at right now:

Yep, that's my baby and my work our basement. Since we've got a terribly insulated attic, where my work desk was previously, we moved it to the basement for the hot Nebraska summer. Kate decided to join me down here while I do some blogging and catching up on emails and comments. Doesn't she look peaceful? Must be all that musty air down here.

Oh and in case that pic wasn't enough cute for your day, here you go:

She's been an absolute peach of a baby, and we love her very much. But I won't spend more time talking up the wonders of my least not in this post. :)

2. So I got a Kindle as a Mother's Day, birthday, and push present from the most wonderful husband and new dad in the land. I want to start reading more lit on it, instead of just using it as a bigger screen to browse Facebook on - but I need some assistance. Our local library doesn't have the greatest database for renting ebooks, so where do you get yours from? Do you buy? Borrow? if so, from where?
my face when I saw that my present was a Kindle

3. I've recently become obsessed with these Special K Red Berries cereal bars:
Most granola bars that are just 90 calories aren't enough to fill me up in the morning - in college I usually scarfed 2-3 of the knockoff brand down for a full breakfast. I'm not sure if it's a still-shrunk stomach, or a matured metabolism, but just one of these babies now fills me up! It's worth the extra price for name brand in this case. Plus they're delicious. I highly recommend them.

4. Because we just had a baby, our family and friends have been generously supplying us with free dinners for the last two weeks. And holy cow, I am getting used to the whole, having-dinner-delivered at 5:00-every-day thing.

I've made meals for friends postpartum before, but thought it was more of just an excuse to come see the baby rather than an actual convenience for the new mom. I was SO WRONG. It's really the best thing I've experienced after having Kate.

I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to life where I have to make our food again.

5. For some reason, the one chore I am able to keep up on with Kate here is laundry. Don't ask me why, but during the last few weeks of pregnancy and now the first two postpartum I've been super motivated to keep all our laundry clean and accessible.

before that our laundry built up like this before I even thought about doing it
Obviously there's quite a bit more with a baby who spits up and poops on pretty much every baby article we've got, but it's not daunting or as burdensome as I used to think it was.

Let's hope this continues for the rest of, like, forever.

6. I'm currently smashing my way through the 4 seasons of Parenthood that are on Netflix. I am in LOVE.

If you need a new show to obsess about, I highly recommend it. I'm working on a blog post (well, in my head) about all the reasons I love it so I won't spoil it here, but trust me when I say you'll watch the pilot and be hooked for the rest of forever.

7. Well, Baby Kate is looking hungry so I better finish these up here. Check out the rest over at Team Whitaker. Til next time!

Baby Kate

09 June 2014

09 June 2014
Welp, I'm back, everyone! 

she's so excited to be back on the blogging game
I was thinking about this post last night while nursing Kate for the 3rd time in 4 hours (woohoo, sleep deprivation) and wondering how I was going to summarize what life has been like with Kate out in the world and changing every bit of us.

Tiring. Hilarious. Wonderful. Stressful. Natural. Perfect.

Even though we didn't know she was her, I knew it as soon as the doctor placed her on my chest. This is the little one that had been kicking me inside for months. And now she's here, out in the world, and it's hard to believe.

Sometimes I catch myself looking at her, and can't really believe that just over a week ago she was still contentedly inside my tummy, biding her SWEET time, and now she's here with us. Like, in the flesh.

Pregnancy and birth is a miracle, isn't it?

For now, I've been doing a lot of relaxing - laying around the house while my mom comes over to clean and cook, and hosting visitors of all ages that want to come and meet Kateri (oh yes, and we're calling her Kate in case you didn't get that memo!). 

She's a pretty great baby as newborns go - she sleeps 4-5 hour increments at night most nights, is pretty content if someone is holding her, and doesn't have a huge problem falling asleep by herself. I'm grateful and crossing my fingers that all that doesn't change... I'll keep you posted.

I'm still working on her birth story - in my head, at the very least. David has had to remind me on a few of the details more than once now, so I'm going to run the entire thing by him before posting. Don't worry, the anticipation is worth it. It's a doozy, I'll just say that. (And I do feel qualified to say that with the amount of birth stories I read leading up to her was a gross number.)

Annnywho. Baby Kate is looking hungry, and I just realized that it's been about 14 hours since I ate something (whoops!) so I'll sign off for now.


03 June 2014

03 June 2014
Kateri Amelia Gokie!

She was born 5/30/14 at 11:39 pm weighing 9 lbs 1 oz.

Isn't she beautiful?

Sorry I've been away from the blogging game while we've been adjusting to having her in our lives. She's been a total blessing in our lives - even the sleepless, tiring moments that seem to have eaten up the last couple days. 

I will be back more frequently when things settle down -- and I'm already busy working on her birth story so get excited for that!

Pax tecum!

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