7QT #59: Yard work, fun mom, & new music!

Typical Hannah, write a deep post for once and then don't post for two weeks. Oh well, quick takes to jump back in!

Being finally in Omaha for a longer period of time, we bit the bullet and got a Costco membership last week (yay!) - Lincoln only has Sam's Club, although they're getting a Costco soon. So far I love Costco, but I haven't been enough times yet to really compare the two. BUT - I will say, the only thing I miss from Sam's is a bag of pre-chopped & washed romaine lettuce for salads. Costco has a decent alternative in the bag of romaine hearts, but I am majorly lazy and I really miss the pre-chopped kind. Womp womp.

All the news things this week plus a baby who had a couple nights of terrible sleep have made this a suuuuuper long week. In order to fight the blah during the witching hour last night, I busted out Kate's paints from Easter and she got to paint! for the first time ever! (I'm SO not a fun mom, this is a rare rare occasion.)

She loved it. She has talked of literally nothing else since she woke up this morning.

I've found my newest Netflix obsession - if you follow me on Instagram & watch my stories, you will see Kate and I perched in front of the TV every day at lunch watching Escape to the Country. If the title throws you off (like it did me for awhile), it's basically BBC + HGTV so...BBTV...or HGBC...

The acronym is not important. What IS important is how freaking fantastic this show is. If you are a fan of cute British couples, looking at really old houses in the country, great accents, and cute segments about historical places in the UK, this show is 100% right up your alley. I'm legitimately obsessed with it, so much so that I think I've decided our 5 year anniversary trip should be to England. (I have this whole theory that it's just a ploy for the British tourism industry to get foreigners to come visit and it's totally working on me.)

Like the episode I watched the other day, for example, the realtor host on the show helped give an award-winning show chicken a sink bath. Yes, you read that correctly. It's a gem and I highly recommend it.


If anyone has tips on how to get a 5 month old to nap later in the day, I'm all ears. Cora is pretty easy to get down for naps unless I'm trying to fit in that last 30 minute cat nap during the day. Usually she'll nap from 2-3:30, and then I'll try to get her to nap again around 5:00 or 5:30 (because a 4 hour gap between the last nap and bedtime at 7:30 is a recipe for a bad night's of sleep) and she just does NOT want to nap.

Any tips for me? Just a phase she'll grow out of (hopefully)?

Some new music I've discovered, in case you need some new tunes (these open in YouTube, all are also on Spotify):
Drunk by Mating Ritual (weirdest title ever, amazing song)
Right Now by HAIM (their new single! so excited for their album yessssss)
Hurricane by Luke Combs (country song I can never get out of my head once I hear it on the radio)
FUTURO by Café Tacvba (an awesome Mexican rock band I heard on NPR, don't you love how cultured I try to be?)

I was scrolling back through my camera roll trying to free up space by deleting old photos, and came across this old photo of our backyard, soon after we moved in last summer.

And this is what it looks like now!

David will probably be embarrassed that I posted a photo of the grass so long, but we're trying to get our last round of seed to take so we've been putting off mowing for as long as possible. He's going to mow tonight.

What a difference, right? That's what happens when you spend lots of thousands of dollars removing a big a$$ tree AND your rock star husband spends every free moment for a solid season cutting down bushes and doing general cleanup and then planting and maintaining a new lawn.

This year we've decided to just concentrate on getting the lawn to come in better, and then next spring and summer we'll do more landscaping. I'm thinking some small fruit or flowering trees, and maybe a couple lilacs in the corners, and some wooden flower boxes.

Now that the grass situation in our back yard is mostly where it's going to be for the summer, I'm now dreaming of nights spent on the patio and enjoying the yard. But we don't have any dining furniture, so I'm on the hunt for a very very cheap set to fill the void for awhile. We have a nice lounge chair donated from my mom's friend that I plan to spend hours reading on this summer to get a little bit of a tan, and a few chairs from a cheap sale at Target end of season last year, but not a table!

I'm on the hunt for one - Craigslist is being stalked pretty religiously. Who's the patron saint of Craigslist? Send them a prayer up for me if you get a chance. ;)

Head to Kelly's for more!


  1. We're in the exact same nap situation... Drives me crazy! I'm ready for the 2-a-day schedule, but Edith's not quite there yet 😥😥😥

  2. I needed that show rec because I sooooo miss all the HGTV shows that used to be on Netflix. I watched the first episode and loved it, except that they didn't do like a "6 months later" update at the end of the show. Do they eventually do that?? I wanna see what peeps do with their crazy old houses after they buy them!

    Also, do you have ALDI near you? Because they have so many affordable yard furniture options right now!!


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