How I'm rocking momhood

Jen at Into Your Will tagged me in a recent blog challenge going around for moms to talk about what they're doing well in motherhood -- in fact, rocking motherhood. For me (and for most of us, I think!) it's really easy to nitpick ourselves and see others' strengths, and not spend the time to think about what you're doing well on a day to day basis. Thanks for tagging me Jen and here go my (trying-not-to-be-braggy-but-also-be-confident) strengths!

+ independent play
This comes out of a necessity for me to get schtuff done, but Kate (and Cora hopefully someday) is really good at independent play. When we're downstairs and I'm doing work on the computer, she is pretty stellar about entertaining herself and keeping my interruptions/interventions to a minimum, just busying herself from one toy to the next. Of course that could be her personality just shining but I'm taking credit for it while I can when she's the only one "playing" and not being too destructive.

+ veggie eating
Although it happens more when I think about it, I'm trying to do a consistent pattern of making Kate eat her veggies when they're in front of her. Lots of times we have to eat them with her but it's worth it to make sure she's not only made up of peanut butter & jelly and applesauce.

+ firm saying "no"
I get a weird sort of power of sticking to my guns when saying no to Kate for any number of reasons, and sticking to it. I think it's important for kids and I hate feeling wishy-washy so we're sticking with it!

+ potty training done
Even though it was the hardest parenting thing we've done yet, I am super proud of us getting through potty training and successfully not losing our minds while doing it. If I had my way I'd have kept Kate in diapers for eternity but I'm glad she's growing up and that we made it through.

+ letting kids get dirty
It took awhile, but now I am 100% happy when Kate's getting dirty and muddy helping out in the yard. Some of my best memories as a kid were playing in the yard and laundry can always be done, so I'm loosening up and letting her make a mess.

+ patience at nighttime feedings
Cora for awhile was a really good sleeper, up just once at night, but recently has been hitting that 4 month sleep regression and getting up 3 or more times at night. I thought I would be more annoyed getting up that many times but it's really not that bad on my overall mood - especially cause she mostly goes right back to sleep! With Kate I was obsessed with getting every minute of sleep I could, but now I just rely on coffee more and we're all doing just fine.

+ lots of reading
We have lots of books around the house and I make sure to read to Kate at least twice a day (or David does) - before naps and before bedtime - as well as almost anytime she asks. I want her to develop a love of reading and although it's not my favorite thing to read the same book 8 million times, I put aside that annoyance and read to her when she asks.

+ naptime
I'm strict about naptime, too (so far...all these words are gonna come bite me in the butt in 1-2 years as Cora grows but whatever). Kate took 2 naps all the way to 2 years old, and now takes one long nap in the afternoon. She needs it and I need it so I make it a priority for us!

+ scrimp & save on baby clothes
I try to buy used clothing and find deals on kid clothes as much as I possibly can. I shop at consignment sales and deep discounted days for new stuff so that all our budget doesn't go to cute clothes for the girls. In that vein...

+ getting dressed every day
I am one of those people who can't function unless I shower & dress myself every morning, and I've tried to pass that on to the girls. We start the day by getting dressed in clean clothes, doing our hair (well, Kitty gets her hair done by me, that is) and then we go on with our day. I am 1000% of a better mom when my kids are dressed in cute clothes and look presentable. It's just the way I'm wired.

What are you doing well in motherhood? Peer pressure to the friends I'm tagging below to write out the ways you're rocking motherhood right now:

and anyone else reading this who needs to reaffirm how great of a mom they are!


  1. I clicked on this thinking, "glad I'm not tagged - I couldn't think of anything for myself FA SHO!!" Get to the bottom... drat, hahah!

  2. Mad props for surviving potty training (and with a newborn)!! I've been avoiding it with Chase so I definitely couldn't put that on my list 😂 Thanks for sharing, you're definitely rocking motherhood!

  3. Great post. I really need to sit down and think about this one for sudre! :) We also started potty training this week and while it's been a trial of my patience, but it's going way better than I thought! I love reading your blog posts as of late becuase I can really relate. We have a little girl born the same day as yours, I think, and our toddlers are close to the same age too!

    1. Thanks Mary! It is hard to self-evaluate, especially when you're trying to find only good things, but I think a good exercise for anybody. :) Born the same day, really?? Dec. 13? That's awesome! (I tried to click to your blog but maybe it's an old one, the last post was from 2012...I'd love to follow you if you are still blogging!)


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