19 weeks

This pregnancy is seriously flying by. I am 19 weeks -- tomorrow, I guess. I'll be honest, I had to check my pregnancy calendar to actually remember how far along I was. But that's okay right, we've been busy, I have an excuse? At least that's what I'm telling myself as sometimes I still forget that I'm pregnant. Oopsies. Doesn't mean we love you any less, baby!

Anyways, we had our ultrasound this morning. David couldn't make it so my mom and sister joined me to help wrangle Kate and get to see baby kicking around. True to Gokie child fashion (I'm remembering you, Kate), the little one was a little stubborn to get some pictures but everything was healthy and looked good so it was a relief.

To the deets!

How far along? 18 weeks 6 days, or 19 weeks because I'm already thinking optimistically of a baby coming early and I like rounding up.
Weight gain? 2 or 3 pounds, I'm not super sure. Belly still getting bigger for sure, though!
Clothing? Mostly maternity bottoms and I'm still squeezing into regular shirts but those moments are coming to a quick end, I'm guessing.
Sleep? Mehhhh. We moved our bed to the new house's garage (long, busy, and boring story) so we're on a borrowed air mattress from my parents, which hasn't much helped. Just been getting up once a night to pee so that's not bad!
Best moment of this week? Ultrasound!!! For sure. I haven't been doing these every week (who has the time?) but it's been the highlight of the pregnancy so far. So wiggly and moving all around!
Worst moment of this week? Well, Kate's been getting her two-year-molars and it's been, in a word, hell. She's cranky and not sleeping well and just throwing tantrums for no reason. The turmoil of moving all our furniture out of the house and being out of schedule hasn't much helped. 
Miss anything? Beer. Margaritas. That's about it, and for not really being a boozer while not pregnant, I'm sure craving it a lot.
Movement? Feeling kicks! David hasn't felt any yet because they're too faint but they are definitely kicks. Awesome feeling, even the second time around.
Symptoms? Tiredness, moody, cravings up the wazoo. Otherwise not too bad!
Food cravings? Sonic frozen lemonade, bagel sandwiches. That's pretty much the extent of it. Oh and Chipotle or whatever fast food we drive by. :)
Gender? Not going to find out! Still!
Labor signs? Nope, not yet.

Random photos from the weeks:

On Saturday morning, we left super early to drive the majority of our belongings to Omaha which meant I got to actually see the sunrise for the first time in a long time. (I'm not an early riser, and the sun gets up super super early in the summer, in my defense.)

Coloring very very intently before dinner the other night. She basically covered the entire front with crayon and was very proud.

Soon and very soon we will be in our new house and I will have a very long & detailed post about our new place (!!!) but until then don't expect anything substantial from me. Just trying to survive & not get headaches from our echoing-and-empty-house and a very loud toddler.


  1. What an adventure! I hope it continues to go well and Kate's molars hurry up and finish causing H E double hockeysticks

    1. It certainly has been a whirlwind! She's overall been SO good that I shouldn't complain, with all this craziness going on plus traveling a bunch (and more travel to come) but it'll be nice to be back in a regular routine.

  2. Yay for a healthy baby! I TOTALLY craved alcohol while pregnant even though I'm not a big drinker otherwise...and now that I can actually have it, I'm like, meh. So weird.


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