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I haven't been blogging much lately. Nor really feeling like blogging either, for that matter. Hey, it's my blog! I do what I want!

Instead I've been reading lots of books (literally 4 books in the last week -- sometimes I really like the fact that I can speed read), watching Kate and David play soccer on the driveway, making bacon & pepper quesadillas, pinning way too many cute farmhouse pictures on Pinterest, watching House at night when I'm too tired to do anything else.

I spent two solid weeks looking for toddler tennis shoes for Kate that didn't cost an arm and a leg and that met my very high standards -- no characters, no super bright colors, no shoelaces...you get the picture, I'm picky. I finally went with the boy version of the last pair Kate had from Target. I've tried looking on eBay like Grace swears to but I just never have any luck! So new tennies it was. (Plus, I don't feel too bad about buying new because she wore her last pair into the ground.)

As evidenced by the above photos, Kate's hair is getting crazier and messier as it grows longer. Most days I get around to putting a pony tail in her hair, but if I don't she looks like the ultimate 80's rocker:

I just know she's going to look back at pictures of herself at this age and say, "Mom, why didn't you do something about my hair?" and I will have no valid reason except laziness. Oh well. :)

We have a fancy fundraiser to go to this weekend in David's hometown, and I used Rent the Runway again. If you haven't heard of them I highly recommend it! Super easy way to rent very expensive dresses and get to feel all fancy without the cost out of pocket. (If you're interested, and click through my link here, you get $20 off and I get $20 off my next rental. Win-win-win, as Michael Scott would say!)

Nothing much else new around here. Hang loose, mongoose! (Is that a Leslie Knope phrase or what?)


  1. Take lots of Runway photos so I can live vicariously through your fancy nite lyfe :)


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