7QT #36: nap struggles, Anne, and weight loss

I wasn't going to blog this morning, but currently Kate is fighting a nap like her little life depends on it, so I'm blogging to avoid feeling all the feels and just going in to cuddle her for the 100th time this morning.

As a fix, I put on Ed Sheeran (my favorite calming voice right now) and my best noise-canceling headphones, and started typing this post. 

And said a quick prayer for all the intercession in the heavenly above for us both to get through this. (Thanks to my friend Marilyn for the suggestions of intercessors - St. Rita, St. Jude, & St. Gianna, to name a few.)

I'm hoping when the song's over I'll take my headphones off to find she's stopped crying??


Right now I'm rereading Anne of Green Gables, because two reasons: great escapist/throwback literature from my childhood, and it's been about 3 years since my last re-read so I was due.

It also seems to be a theme of my reading goals for this year to re-read series I've loved. First I reread Harry Potter, and now Anne of Green Gables. As those are my all-time favorite series, I don't know which one I'll reread after this.

Oh, also, I'm 8 books ahead of "schedule" for my reading goals for the year. I thought 25 books was a hefty goal back in January, but I've already read 19 so...I think I'm going for 50 now as an unofficial goal? We'll see how far I get!

Just took my headphones off to listen. NO CRYING BABY! HOORAY!

Thanks for sticking with this riveting play-by-play. It's the best kind of blog-reading, isn't it?

Have I mentioned on the blog yet that Kate is walking? AND cut her first two teeth in the last week?

Here's a video of her walking, but you can't see the teeth in it. Sorry, 50% was all I could get on short notice.

Come to think of it, I shouldn't blame her for napping so poorly...she started walking, cut two teeth, and we took the pacifier away all within a week. Poor girlie. Lots of changes for such a small person.

David and I might go see Jurassic World this weekend. It'll be the third? fourth? time we've been to a movie together as a married couple. (IF we go. David would like me to insert that, I'm sure.)

I LOVE going to movies, but David thinks it's a superfluous waste of money when we could just wait 6-10 months and watch it from the comfort of our living room. We only went to one movie the entire time we were dating, and one when we were engaged, so for now we're on his side of the scale. I feel like this is one thing we'll perpetually disagree on...but, I will always concede that movies are expensive to go to.

But -- the movie theaters in our city have this new thing where two of the screens have recliners in the theater instead of regular movie seats, which is just absolutely amazing and makes me feel like a millionaire every time (okay, the one time) we see a movie there.

Also, I've never seen any of the Jurassic movies (I know, I know) but I will totally watch this just for Chris Pratt. (His explanation for losing weight on Parks & Rec for his movie roles is still the best thing ever.)

Bonnie wrote a great post this week about losing weight in the internet age. I completely agree with her points about the moral good of taking care of our bodies, so this post really hit home.

I'll be honest with y'all and come right out and say that I've been struggling majorly to lose the baby weight...for now 12 months. The first chunk came off all right, but I think I'm one of those people who, while breastfeeding, just cannot lose weight to save her life. So much for all of those claims that "breastfeeding is the best weight loss plan ever! ever!" claims I heard during pregnancy. Ahh, well, I'm sure it's true for some people. Not for me.

For a remedy, and because I'm a sucker and love Tony Horton, I bought P90X3 as a birthday present for myself. It should be here this weekend or Monday, and I'm really stoked to get into it.

Last time I started P90X, I got pregnant. Soooo we will see what happens this time. :)


David and I looked around last night at the entirely enormous pile of toys that were strewn around our living room after Kate went to bed, and swore to ourselves that we will never buy her a toy again.

How does that happen in just one measly year? Yikes. At least we've got a few months before Christmas hits...a purge might be in our future around then.

Linking up with Kelly, who this week has a very similar thought process to my own for when husbands-leave-town. Too funny.
Til next week, y'all.


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