7QT #53: bee stings, space, & painting

30 September 2016

30 September 2016
How is it the end of September?? I just realized we've lived in Omaha for over two months now and I can't quite wrap my head around it. Linking with Kelly!

Let's start off with something not-so-fun, to keep it real around here. I was driving to pick up dinner for a cousin's new baby, which due to a nasty head cold had been relegated to Papa Murphy's instead of cooking something homemade. (I didn't wanna back out, and I did NOT want to pass this nastiness on to a tiny baby & their family!)

So there I was, minding my own business, listening to NPR on the radio with the windows down when suddenly A BEE FLEW IN THE WINDOW AND STUNG ME ON THE LEG OUT OF NOWHERE. Of course I screamed a little bit, then panicked because I was a) driving on a busy road, b) unable to see anything because it was that terrible time of the day where you drive directly west and you're pretty much blind, and c) I couldn't tell if the damn thing had left the car or not!

I pull over at the next available parking lot, jump out of my car and try to find the bee. No luck. I don't see anything for awhile, while vigorously shaking myself up and down to get it off clothes and moving the seats back and forth to see if got stuck under there. As I finally give up and start climbing back in the car, I see it behind me - but I'm pretty sure it flies off in the other direction, so I think I'm safe.

Fast forward to me having dropped off the pizza. I get back in the car and start driving up the block after saying goodbye to the family, and WHO DO I SEE BUT THE STUPID BEE STUCK ON MY SHIRT! So I yank on the emergency brake in the middle of the road and hop out (probably yelling at the top of my lungs, I have no idea) and try to get it off me. I see a car coming the other direction so I get back in, see the bee behind me and somehow either managed to squish it by closing the car door or it flies off unharmed.

It was an overall traumatic experience, especially since the last time I was stung by a bee was like as a 6 year old when 4 got stuck under my shirt, and I've been terrified of them ever since. I had to call David on the way home and ask him to meet me in the driveway to find the stupid thing just in case it had still survived.

Whew. Onto less traumatic topics!

As I mentioned, Kate got all of us sick, and has been sick herself, since this last weekend. Sounds like there's something viral going around (according to my OB, anyway) and let me tell you, it is not fun being this sick while wrangling a toddler and without the ability to take those really good drugs cause you're pregnant.

Kate has been her happy-go-lucky self, full of an insane amount of energy for how much snot and coughing has been coming from her corner. As evidenced by this photo, I've been trying to let her and Murph work off their energy together which sometimes works out well but usually ends in tears or yelling on someone's part. (And no, it's not always Kate...sometimes Murph gets her tail pulled or stepped on and quickly retreats to another room so as not to be more tortured by the little one.)

Speaking of my OB, I want to know a few things about this new doctor's office I'm going to, and how moms of more than just a toddler manage.

First of all, I've gone to maybe 6 or 7 appointments there now, and this week was only the second time I've ever seen another kid in the office. Am I the only one who brings their kiddo to this office? Or am I just the only one who has more than one?? Is this like, some office for just first-time-pregnancies? I'm not sure how it happens but it's strange in comparison to the doc I went to Lincoln, where Kate was always surrounded by kids in the waiting room, no matter what time of day it was. (To be fair, that was a family practice doc who delivered also, but still.)

Secondly, I literally cannot imagine bringing Kate AND a baby, or later on two toddlers, anywhere like a doctor's office by myself. Target or grocery shopping, sure - there's a big cart to hopefully contain them in, and you're not constantly surrounded by hazardous waste trash bins or trying to get them not to climb on you while the doctor is trying to do some procedure. How do you moms of multiples do it? Do you just make appointments for when someone else can watch the kids? That's my only idea right now and the thought of anything else stresses me out.

If you're a space nerd like me, you might enjoy Wait But Why's most recent post. (Large language warning, in the nickname of the rocket amongst other places, if that sort of thing bothers you.) It's all about Elon Musk's recently unveiled plan to colonize Mars, with the big rocket he is building.

I mean, I know I'm one of only some people who find stuff like this fascinating, but it's totally worth the read if you're like me. (Don't tell David, but I'm saving up for my ticket already. :))

I'm itching to paint some rooms, mostly Kate's room and the nursery before the baby gets here.
These Pinterest images are inspiring me:

source: The Boo and the Boy
source: The Boo and the Boy
source: annabellacharles
I mean, if you can't do something crazy and bold in a kids' room, where can you do it? I'm also getting really really tired of the greige that is painted on every.single.wall.in.this.entire.house. I mean, it's a fine color if you're into that sort of thing because it is really hard to decide if it is grey or beige, so props to the color-picker, but I need something different. I think I'd prefer if everything were white, tbh - I got so used to that at our old house that the greige throws me off and makes everything look funky.

I am sure David is reading this saying to himself, "there's no way we're painting any rooms, Hannah, don't get your hopes up" so...we'll see if it actually happens.

We had big plans to start the garage organizing this weekend, because David's set of garage cabinets are supposed to ship today (fingers crossed) and we have a lot of cleaning and prep to do before we can install them. The previous owners of the house stored some old cars in here, which means we have a very spacious 4 car garage but there is a lot of gross oil buildup and stuff in spots.

We had originally hoped to maybe epoxy the floor, but after reading some reviews of the DIY kind, got a little discouraged because apparently it doesn't hold up very well over time. I'm still pushing for it, because I think it'd be a worthwhile investment, so we'll see what happens.

If we don't do that, I have hopes to work on the nursery and the baby quilt and try to rest up so this darned cold can go away.

I totally had a topic for take #7 when I started writing, but brain fog/the sneezing attack I just had (7 in a row, mind you) wiped it from my memory. Sorry. You'll have to survive with just 6!

Head over to Kelly's for some great parenting advice and to check out the rest of the quick-takers.

monday monday

26 September 2016

26 September 2016
A smorgasbord of topics for your perusal this Monday morning.

We are back home again today after a very expensive but productive trip to our nearest IKEA sans-Kate this weekend. The closest to us is 3 hours away in Kansas City [which, by the way, they need to get one in Omaha] so we made a little babymoon out of it - stayed in a hotel and everything!

We woke up early Saturday morning to leave at 6:30, with me failing to even look up what time IKEA opened so we ended up there half an hour before it opened. Oops. Just enough time to grab coffee before! Then we did the whole tour, ate lunch in the cafe, and then picked out the things we actually wanted to buy. 11,000 steps and a lot of money later and we escaped.

We chilled at the hotel for a little bit, then found a Husker bar to watch the game which was an experience for someone who's never been to a Husker bar outside the state of Nebraska before...and by that I mean on game day, every bar in the entire state of Nebraska is a Husker bar. Luckily we won so it was a great experience all around.

We then slept the next morning a little bit, went to a strange Mass, enjoyed our free breakfast at the hotel, and headed home. A fun and productive weekend! When we get all our IKEA stuff assembled you bet there will be a blog post about it.

If you're looking for a great cause to support, I have some friends who are trying to fundraise for an adoption! Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are a couple (who now live in Omaha!) adopting their second baby and they'd love any financial and prayer support you can give.

[Funny story: Amanda and a few other women actually founded the house I lived in during college for 2 years, the Avila House at UNL. :)]

If you're interested in donating to their adoption puzzle, go here, and if you wanna read more about their crazy summer of changes in their lives, start here.

So you know that fun meme going around about picking 3 fictional characters to describe yourself? After 3 solid days of deliberation, these turned out to be my final picks:

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Kristin Lavransdatter from the Kristin Lavransdatter series
Felicity Smoak from Arrow

I spent way too much time thinking about this, and some other runners-up were Ann Perkins from Parks & Rec and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice, but David put his two cents in and these were our decision. Although I should mention that his first 3 picks for me were Cookie Monster, The Grouch, and Felicity Smoak...so he did change his mind a little bit after more discussion. ;)

My picks for David?

Rod Kimble from Hot Rod
Winston Bishop from New Girl
Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

It's scary how accurately these 3 describe him. I highly encourage at least asking your friends what they think you are - it's funny to hear your thoughts vs. what others pick for you.


We missed these two...and I think they're enjoying being home and cuddling together in the (somewhat) chilly weather. I know I'm liking having them around!

Have a wonderful week, friends.


22 September 2016

22 September 2016

...vol #? I have no idea.

I have lots of ideas floating around my brain, lots of blog posts I'd *love* to have enough time to type out and really write, rather than just photo-dump posts with not a lot of substance, but pregnancy fatigue (helloooo third trimester) and a crazy to-do list have been preventing me. A currently post was right up my alley.

Eating: a poptart after I drank 8 oz of straight sugar this morning for my glucose test, which was disgusting as usual BUT way better in the orange flavor & chilled than the room-temp fruit punch kind last time. (seriously, way better.)

Relishing: the good deals I got at the twice-annual consignment sale I go to, both for Kate and baby 2. It's hard to shop for babies when you don't know the gender and the last gender-neutral baby you had was born in the exact opposite season, so I'm starting from scratch again. I have a lot of boyish-looking onesies and am going to rely on headbands & pink hats to differentiate gender if necessary.

Buying: I also got these two freaking adorable "coming home" outfits for baby, from Gap using my Gap CC and two promo codes which made them $8 each (unheard of for babyGap sleepers). Which will it be, boy or girl? ;)

Making: slow but sure progress on quilt for baby 2, which is going to be markedly different from Kate's quilt. I'm doing a big geometric pattern with a total of like 6 seams (so much easier than all those chevron pieces!) and going to add some visual interest in the form of the actual quilting, but time is running out so I need to get my butt in gear.

Thrilled: that I found this literally mint-condition set of the Peter Rabbit books at aforementioned consignment sale, but then not-so-thrilled that my destructo toddler made a huge crease in the box by standing on it about 10 minutes after I unpacked it for her. (TODDLERS.)

Wearing: the last two pairs of gym shorts that don't make the baby kick like crazy in protest of the tight waistband, and wishing I could find something else to transition me in these last few months of pregnancy.

Realizing: I'll be 30 weeks on Tuesday and I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Eventually I'll do another bump post (sorry for the blog neglect, child #2) but everything's going smoothly and the worst effects are some back pain which is really to be expected.

Excited: because this weekend David and I are taking a glamorous babymoon to Kansas City to go to IKEA and I'm pretty thrilled. We need so much furniture, including a desk so I can stop working at our cast-off dining room table, because this house is a lot bigger than our old house and I'm excited to get some things crossed off my list.

Hunting: for a glider or armchair type of thing I can actually nurse in to put in the baby's room. I think I want something cream colored or white to blend in with the baby spitup, but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for it. (Something like this but more neutral? But I do love me a good pattern.) Last time I nursed Kate in a nice rocking chair David found on Craigslist for me, but I realized I need something with soft arms if I want to relax fully. We'll see if something pops up. (Having never bought a chair brand new, the price tags on these terrify me. $300?? for one chair!??)

Trying: to narrow down our list of names for said bébé. We both have our "top" choices for each gender, but surprise surprise...they don't line up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Listening: still to Young House Love Has A Podcast, which is hilarious and makes me want to be friends with them in real life. They're inspiring me to make a whole-house list because my brain keeps thinking of things we need to do and then promptly forgetting them.

Wishing: we had time to do every single project on that list before baby gets here, but instead I have to somehow narrow down what we can get done and try not to freak out about it.

Loving: Kate's new favorite pasttime, which is to grab her play stethoscope and go to me and say, "listen to baby, mama?". Taking her along to all those OB appointments, no matter how tiring they might be, are apparently making an impression! We call her Dr. Kitty anytime she does her doctor stuff and she loves it.

Crying: at pretty much everything nowadays. #typicalpregnantlady

whew. that's probably enough for one post. bye y'all!

Kateri Amelia at two (and a half, almost)

12 September 2016

12 September 2016

Kate, and I'm sure all toddlers everywhere, is quite a mess of emotions at two years old. You know the saying, "Life is like a box of chocolates"? Well, I've decided that life with toddlers is like a box of chocolates mixed in with a bunch of hidden grenades. You literally never know which one you are going to get. And unlike the original saying - the grenades are a lot worse than those terrible cherry-filled chocolates - it's not just disappointment waiting for you, it's an explosion.

Don't get me wrong. Most of the time, Kate is a true sweetheart. She is super affectionate, very giggly at the most random things, a great helper, very responsible and mostly clean (well, as clean as a 2 year old can be) and I love her to bits. But heaven forbid I don't let her eat the apple I was just going to put in my mouth! Or shame on me if I happen to go into the bathroom to clean up a little bit when she wanted me to go somewhere else! M-e-l-t-d-o-w-n C-i-t-y, population Kate.

Luckily most of the time, even in her worst tantrums, she's not majorly destructive. It's lots of tears, lots of "mama hold you!!", lots of rolling around on the ground screaming and interrupting her screams to say, "Mama, I scweamimg! Mama, I scweamimg!" and then resuming screaming. (She does that with crying too - as if I can't already tell she's crying, she feels the need to remind me while she's doing it that she is...yeah.) If she gets any sort of destructive, it's mostly directed at throwing toys at Murphy, the poor thing who puts up with a lot of other behavior from her - pulling ears, trying to ride her like a horse, chasing her around with a stroller, etc. etc.

She also has very definitive opinions these days. She asks to "dance!" all the time, but if I play a song she doesn't care for? "No, I can't wike dat song." (It took me a few minutes the first time she said it to understand that she didn't like the one I was playing and wanted another.) She loves Anna & Elsa, Dory & Nemo - two of the 4 movies she's seen in her entire life. Every time we go to Target she can pick out at least one of them and shouts their name until I say I saw them too.

Colors and numbers are still somewhat of a struggle. If we aren't paying attention, she can count to 5 correctly, but lots of times if we ask it goes: "1, 2, 4, 5, 3, 6, 8, 7..." and then she giggles because she knows she did it wrong on purpose. (Hilarious joke, kiddo.) Colors are pretty much beyond reach unless she happens to be in a mood to actually try - but if I try to point to something and say what color it is, she'll usually reply with "No, it's greem!!! No, mama, it's greem!!!" over and over again.

Food is hit or miss these days. Some days she'll eat like a horse, or be willing to try a whole mess of foods she's never had. Other days I have to convince her to finish her chicken nuggets (her favorite food) and only bribing with a cookie works. She consistently asks for "regular crackers" (aka club crackers) for lunch, with nothing else in addition. She's a big fan of "wawamewo" (watermelon) and pretty much most fruits. Cheese, one of her favorites a few months ago, is now a no-go except in cheese stick form, as is lunchmeat. She loves frozen waffles for breakfast and then subsequently whatever I'm eating.

She has also started doing this thing where if we say her name is Kitty, she says "No, I Kate" in response. But then sometimes she'll reverse it...so I'm not sure which one she actually prefers, or if she even understands that they're two nicknames for her same full name.

Potty training hasn't been attempted again since our last fail. She definitely has an interest in the potty, and we are trying to find a weekend to attempt the 3 day method again. She's definitely more aware now of when her diaper is dirty so that's a step in the right direction.

She's a spitball of energy, loves her puppy like crazy, and every night going to bed repeats "I wuv you, Mama, I wuv you, Dada" until we each respond at least twice. It's easy to love a sweet girl like her.

highs and lows

07 September 2016

07 September 2016
-- I bought two different 8x10 rugs in the last couple weeks for $100 each and I felt like a rug-buying superwoman. Kate's bedroom and the nursery finally now have rugs that fit their respective room sizes, and David's forbidden me from buying another rug for a very long time.

Target rug (I can't remember the name!), $99...I was so proud of myself.

At Home, $100. 
-- One of the nights we spent at my parents this weekend, Kate was inexplicably awake (and I mean, AWAKE) from 2:00-4:30. A. M. We have no idea what caused it but none of our usual tricks worked - laying her back down, giving her a little Tylenol, rocking her in my arms, etc. etc. So eventually we brought her into bed with us and she finally fell asleep. It was exhausting to say the least and wow, I give new props to those who share beds or who have toddlers with sleep problems. Not for the faint of heart.

-- We got to go to a home Husker football game for the first time in years thanks to our awesome sister and brother-in-law who couldn't use their tickets. It was a great night out sans-Kitty and the Huskers won and the weather was mostly cooperative (a little rain for a bit but not too long). Plus the last time we were at a game, I was pregnant with Kate and it was an away game at Purdue, and before that the last time we'd been was during college. So it was a lot of fun! (But whew, stadium seats are not for 27-week pregnant ladies. Ouch.)

-- Murphy keeps somehow getting into a bunch of sap in our backyard - probably from the trees David has trimmed in the last few weeks. You know what is impossible to get out of golden retriever fur? Tree sap. It's terrible and she can't even get it out herself, licking it like crazy, so she just ends up getting tons of dog saliva on herself and then it rubs off on the carpet and I step in it and I don't know what it is. Yummo.

-- The baby has been super active lately - pretty predictably, whenever I lay down in bed for the night, they're really active for about half an hour. Last night the kicks were so strong that they were visible (!!) and the baby and David were having a call-and-response game and it was awesome. I remember this stage with Kate a little bit, at least the fact that at this point she wasn't too squished yet so she could still kick a lot. But it does seem like this baby kicks for longer periods of time than Kate ever did.

-- Not truly low, but I'm getting a little stressed about all the things we have left to do before baby gets here...and really, it's probably just my nesting energy emerging a little early. But we have tons to do! And the time is dwindling, and I keep thinking of things to add to the list.

-- To end on the highest of highs, last week I went on a Target run and while walking in the door, thought to myself "Okay, Hannah, you don't need to get coffee today, you had it the last two times at Target so you should think of the budget and resist." Then the girl behind the counter made eye contact with me while I was buckling Kate into her seat, and beckoned me over and said "Hey, our computers are down...do you want a free coffee? I'm just giving it away to everyone since that's our policy and you looked like you might want some." WIN. So I got free coffee and it was a fantastic treat on a Monday morning.

the sunset at the game coincided with the first touchdown and produced BEAUTY. 
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