my sunday best \\ father's day 2017

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Shirt: H&M, old. 
Skirt: J. Crew Factory, old, similar here (same cut but a different blue).
Shoes: Target, old.
Wildbird ring sling in dove, aka my (still ongoing) obsession.

I had to take a picture in the church bathroom to document my first time successfully nursing in the sling, so I had a picture for this post! yay! I felt like a total badass and that should always be documented, right?

Unfortunately I failed and didn't get a picture of the honored dad in question with his offspring, because he spent the morning digging a ditch for a drainage system in our front yard, and then we drove to Lincoln to eat dinner with my dad. There wasn't a lot of downtime, in other words. But I did get him a new dopp kit and a (free with my rewards) caramel frappucino to celebrate, so that's better than nothing right?

We'd tried to celebrate a little bit on Saturday too with a Sonic run (that we've been craving for like 3 months) but I ordered him the wrong thing, and then Saturday evening we used a gift card for a pizza place near his work but they made David's wrong (they put his least favorite food on there, black olives!) but it was too late and the girls were too fussy to try and complain about long story short, I had some making up to do on Sunday. And like the selfless dad he is he did hard manual labor all morning while I took the girls to Costco and cleaned up a little. Aka a pretty typical Sunday.

I'm so glad Cora is getting big enough to be in the cart. She is way too heavy to be lugging around in the infant seat, so I'm extra grateful for places like Costco with two kid spots! Every place should have them (ahem Target ahem).

A lot of our weekend prior to that was consumed with stressing about how our power went out on Friday night about 7:45 p.m. and didn't come back on til Saturday around 6:00 p.m. We had all these plans of things to do - but most of them got canceled with no electricity! So Friday night we played Catan in the dark until we ran out of light, and Saturday we ran errands for awhile and tried not to sweat too much.

It honestly wasn't all that bad except both Kitty and Cora are totally dependent on their sound machines to sleep, so our night of sleep on Friday was pretty terrible. Kitty, who hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for a year (except when sick), woke up 4 or 5 times, and Cora was up her usual amount plus had a cold coming on, so it was just a very little amount of sleep all around. We were all pretty exhausted and also hot because it was crazy humid. Luckily it was back by bedtime on Saturday, otherwise we were going to be in for another very long night.

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Summer summer summertime

Ahh, summer. The time of year where, once you're an adult, it's just miserably hot (in Nebraska) and nothing else really changes about your day-to-day schedule.

Usually we have some big event to look forward to in the summer -- in the past couple years it's been vacation, the birth of one our kids, moving, a family wedding -- but this year we don't have hardly anything planned. No vacations, not moving, just a lot of relaxing and hopefully some house projects with nonexistent deadlines except ones we impose on ourselves.

Last weekend we spent some time outside in the heat and even though it wasn't long, it was great to just be at home, together, doing a whole lot of nothing. Kate thought it was the funnest thing ever, and it reminded me how easy she is to please at this age. All of us hanging out together, David pulling weeds, me lounging and reading, and Cora hanging out in the pack-n-play -- that's all she wants. It's easy to fill up time with things that have us going here and there, but I want to enjoy and appreciate more these times we have just being together as a little family. 

(Also, I can't decide if I like Spindrift as much as La Croix. It was at Costco and worth a try once but I miss my fancy La Croix flavors.)

Cora continues to be just about the happiest baby on the entire planet -- except when she's tired. And even then you can usually crack a smile out of her if you make goofy enough faces and persist in your attempts to make her laugh. She turned 6 months old yesterday and we haven't done pictures yet but it's hard to believe she's been in our lives for 6 months. I'll blink and it'll be December and her babyhood will be over. I'm trying to soak in her baby smell and her sleepy cuddles more and more, because I realize how rare they are in the long scheme of time.

Going to Target for an escape from the house has become more of a chore and less relaxing with the addition of two kids in a cart, now that Cora is just freaking way too heavy to keep her in the newborn car seat for more than just a car ride. (I think I strained my knee the other day lifting her into our car. She is a chunk.) But it is nicely air conditioned and there's nothing quite like an iced coffee when it's 100° out. Kate always wants "just one dwink of coffee?" and wants to say hi to every person we come across, which is somewhat horrifying for introverted me. Luckily she diffuses most social interactions because she's so talkative and willing to make conversation with anyone and everyone.

As for house projects, we're in the planning stages of garden beds now that the paint is finished at the front of the house: thinking something like this is what we're going to go with, maybe with a seat, maybe not. We still haven't found a good replacement sideboard/buffet (Craigslist is a dearth of stuff! there is nothing new on there and I stalk it ALL THE TIME), and I have dreams of shiplaping our living room like this (David's laughing while he reads this but it's gonna happen!).

We might head to the zoo for Father's Day this weekend, or try to start on the garden beds, depending on how hot it's going to be for both activities...haha.

How's your summer?

Recent media recs

totally unrelated picture of my cuties. Cora's first time in the cart!

I've been trying to get back on the reading train, after a long break -- I tend to do that, I've discovered. I read like 7 or 8 books in a row and then take a month off to catch up on sleep or do all the adulting things I should have been doing while I was reading. But as I'm just at the beginning of this reading swing, I've also included in this post some other media (entertainment?) David and I have been enjoying, just to mix things up.

I've linked them all below, Amazon affiliate just so you've been warned. If you click through and make any purchase, a tiny percent comes back to me at no cost to you! My bookworm and library-building self appreciates it.

books: Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery
Girls on the Edge by Leonard Sax

After all the discussion on Haley's Facebook group, I finally managed to get my hands on the only copies the last few of the Anne of Green Gables series in our library system. I read Rilla of Ingleside first because it came off the hold list first, and then just finished Anne's House of Dreams and started Anne of Ingleside late last night. Guys why did it take me so long to find these? They are so good! And I immediately added a bunch of the gorgeous redesigns to my Amazon wishlist because they are so beautiful and I want to own them.

I've also finished Girls on the Edge by Dr. Leonard Sax, and I'm immediately recommending it to every single person out there who either is raising a girl, works with girls, teaches girls, you name it -- you need to read it. Dr. Sax goes into the issues of raising a modern girl and so clearly outlines problems & solutions that you'll not be able to put it down. (Thank you to my brother-in-law for the great Christmas gift!) There's a boy version too that'll be on my list to read soon.

Some books I have on hold at the library: Outlander, The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower #1), and David Sedaris's new book.

board games: Carcassonne

After years of being recommended this game, especially for two players, I finally bought it for David for an Easter gift after seeing it on a clearance endcap at Target. I'm SO glad I did! It is honestly really fun and has broken us out of our board-game-slump. If you like Catan, or honestly pretty much any strategy game, I guarantee you'll like it. Plus it's so much easier to clean up/set up than Catan so that's a huge win in my book! Highly recommend. (And so far, I've won twice and David has won once, if my memory serves. Last game I more than doubled his score, I know that much. ;))

tv shows: Elementary

Elementary is a show I used to watch, and then the, ahem, vehicle I used to watch it online stopped uploading episodes, and I couldn't find them anywhere, so I stopped. Luckily we're borrowing a Hulu+ subscription from David's sister, and all the episodes are on it! So we started together from the beginning and gosh, it is fantastic. I think I'd watch any remake of Sherlock, no matter what, but Joan Watson just makes the show for me from the very beginning.

She is serious fashion #goals. Source.
I need another show to watch over the lunch hour though, because that's the reward I give myself everyday for working at home with two small children and a dog, and I'm sticking with it. I tried Aziz Ansari's show Master of None and it was HORRIBLE, and I don't know what to go to next. I watch the Bachelorette every week but that's not quite enough.

I think I'll try Jane the Virgin based on Caitlin's recommendation but if you have another recommendation hit me up! (Preferable that it's okay for a toddler to watch, too, because she's just getting old enough to recognize things on the TV and I like to keep it clean for her.) My mom recommended Wallander, my sister's been trying to get me to watch Peaky Blinders for ages, and we haven't watched season 3 of Kimmy Schmidt yet so you can tell my taste is all over. Hit me up!

Or really, hit me up with any suggestion of all 3 categories above, plus podcasts -- I'm all ears. Always need an excuse to feel behind the times, right?