Cora, three months

Time is literally flying by with this little girlie of ours. I feel like I just wrote her birth story and she's already 3 months old, how is that even possible? I love watching her grow but I'm already missing the details of when she was an itty bitty baby and that mom conundrum of wanting them to grow up and wishing they stayed small is heavy on my heart, most days.

To the stats! (And for reference, Kate at three months!)

Weight: Going to have to home scale this, hold on while I go do that.
Okay little miss is approximately 16 pounds 3 oz! In their faces, she and Kate look similar in weight at 3 months but Cora has lots more rolls & pudge on her frame overall, and she's definitely heavier. I love me a chunky baby, though, certainly not complaining.

Height: No idea. I haven't perfected the at-home method of getting a wiggly baby to stay still long enough to use a regular tape measure with, and she didn't have a 3 month checkup so I don't know. She's long enough that her torso is officially too long for all 3 month clothing, and just snug at the 6 month sizes so I'm buying 9 month & 12 month stuff.

Firsts this month: We've had a very slight, somewhat hesitant laugh out of her when we're making silly faces in front of her or wiggling her little bunny rattle around and making it pop into existence in front of her, but no belly laugh yet. Lots of eye movement, tracking things, lifting head up during tummy time, all that good 3 month old baby jazz! No progress on the rolling-over front yet and she doesn't even seem interested. I'm fine with that, y'all.

Nicknames: nothing new this month! I call her "sweetheart" or "darlin'" a lot, and Kate's started imitating me when she talks to Cora so that is freaking adorable but otherwise not much new.

Other things to note:
+ Eating: she finally decided to space out her feeds in the last couple weeks, which Mama is very very grateful for. Usually she nurses about every 2 hours, sometimes 2.5 hours when she naps for longer stretches.
+ I think she might be fighting a cold or a bit of an ear infection at the moment, though, because sometimes baby girl only wants to nurse laying down together. I didn't nurse Kate like that at all, but Cora already gets easily distracted while she's nursing, so I have to face her away from everything and really convince her to eat even when she's starving, and laying down seems to be the best way to do that.
+ Sleeping: she was consistently doing only one wake-up for the past few weeks, but has started to get up more than once in the middle of the night again and I miss those days. I think we'll probably try to night wean her somewhat soon because I am a cranky mom when I have a little bit older baby and don't get to sleep through the night. On a good night she goes to sleep around 8:30, wakes up around 4:00 to eat and then sleeps til 7:30/8:00. Last night she was up 3 times - ate at 1:00, fussed at 3:30 so I just had David swaddle her and she went back to sleep no problemo, then ate again at 5:00 or so. I'm hoping that stops soon.
+ I think the above sleep problems are because she's going through another growth spurt, which happened with Kate around this age too. Yay! That means she'll get through it soon, let's hope!
+ Naps: She will either nap in the vibrating seat in the basement next to me in the morning from about 10-11, or upstairs in her crib for a bit longer, then a cat nap from 12:30-1:00, then a long nap from about 2-4:30, and then one or two more catnaps before bed, just depending on her mood and when we put her down for the night. During her long nap she consistently wakes up 45 minutes in and is STARVING, no matter how recently I fed her before hand, but then she goes right to sleep again so I'm totes fine with it. (It also guarantees that I get some true alone time because Kate naps or has quiet time from 2-4:00.)
+ This is all fascinating stuff to you, isn't it? I'm mostly writing it down for posterity's sake because I keep looking back at my posts about Kate at this age and wondering if they're going through the same stuff, and I didn't write enough detail back then! So detail-heavy we are.
+ Kate is absolutely LOVING Cora getting more aware and more with-it from day to day. She constantly is looking at her and telling me, "Wook Mama, Cowah smiwing a me! Awww!" I have high hopes for sibling bonding in the future.

I mean, just look at that perfect face! We love you Cowah!

Scenes from a naptime

Naptime around here is a sacred hour (or two). Usually I'm successful at getting Kitty and Cora down at the same time, and I cherish the silence when they're both sleeping and I can get stuff done. Most days I try to read, or get some chore done, or go back to work if I haven't gotten enough done in the morning. I spend some precious moments in the bathroom by myself, without someone shouting or crying, and I have a snack or finish my lunch.

Right now looking out at the backyard it's a frigid wasteland, but I'm envisioning a nice span of grass and a book in my hand out there during naptime in the spring and summer (if the bugs aren't too bad). There's laundry and Cora's 3 month photo prop sitting on the dining room table. I keep remembering to put it away when she's sleeping, and the photos should have been taken on Monday and they still haven't been...

David installed a new-to-us wall oven this weekend, found on Craigslist for a steal of $100. The one that came with our house when we bought it was broken, known to us at time of purchase. We hadn't decided if we were going to redo the kitchen right away so the object of buying a new oven kept slipping further and further back, especially after we had seen the price of new ones. Luckily we happened to check on Craigslist one night and there was an oven! In our price range! One Saturday morning later, he had torn the old one out and put the new one in. It's glorious to have a working oven and once Lent gets over I'm going to be baking all sorts of things!

Welp, enough random rambling for today's naptime.

Postpartum exercise

Notice how I didn't say "postpartum weight loss"...haha.

I've been exercising post-natally for now 6 weeks, doing a combination of Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) and running/weights on the off days. (You're technically supposed to do long walks on the "off" days, but I haven't always wanted to just walk so I kind of am doing whatever the heckfire I want, and that gives me a little bit of control and makes me feel like I have some flexibility.)

My runs have been slow and steady and painful. My workouts have been filled with me panting in the basement, trying to catch my breath to do the next exercise. But being active, I've realized, makes me a much happier person to be around. So for that reason alone, I've enjoyed these past 6 weeks a lot. I used to dread exercise, but probably because it's a kid-free hour in my day now, I am seriously enjoying it. The endorphins from finishing a tough workout don't hurt, either - I love feeling accomplished, like I did something hard and I didn't die! look at me go!

my runs have been getting faster, so that's a good thing!
As you might remember, I did a LOT of working out in 2015, starting right about when Kate turned a year old. I did a few different programs in a row: P90X3, Insanity, and then BBG after that. I never did see a ton of progress. Like I've mentioned before, I have hypothyroidism, which prevents me from being able to lose weight easily just because of hormones.  After I got pregnant with Cora, I was determined to not gain as much weight as I had with Kate. Luckily I succeeded, and actual got back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 4 weeks of her birth. So that was a great feeling! I mean, I hadn't gained the same amount of weight and was considerably over my goal weight when we got pregnant, but still. It was nice to be wearing the same size of jeans as before. But I'm not satisfied, not quite yet.

The biggest problem I have with BBG is the ab workouts. I have diastasis recti, at least a self-diagnosed case, and I'm worried every time I do the ab workouts that I'm just making things worse, rather than making them better. I'm thinking of investing in the Mutu System, because my mom-tummy is the most not-in-shape part of me and just rectifying that would be a huge boost to my confidence. (I almost did at the beginning of last year, and then we got pregnant. So I didn't spend the money.) I know Rosie is doing it right now for Lent (such a good idea!) so I can't wait to hear her review. ;)

Although I enjoy the non-weight-loss-benefits of working out, I'm still searching for that magical combination of things that will allow me to lose a few l-b-s. My diet isn't *terrible,* but breastfeeding makes me ravenous practically 24/7 so cutting the amount of food I eat doesn't work. (Plus, the last time I did that my supply had a terrible dip, so I'm not risking that again.) I've been slowly trying to replace my unhealthy snacking with better snacking aka eating Kate's cheese sticks and apples & peanut butter instead of chocolate and cookies.

Anyway, not sure what the point of this post is except for me to complain a little and try to motivate myself to keep going, even if I don't see results. I have to remind myself sometimes that yes, there are goals to working out besides weight loss - happier mood, longer life span, more energy, etc. etc. so maybe this is a part of that.

I'm still gramming if you're curious on a more daily basis how it's going, otherwise catch you on the flip side!

7QT #56: Baptism, trees, and Anthro, oh my!

Everyone is napping simultaneously (and have been for 2 hours at this point) so I'm going to test my luck real quick and smash out a blog post while I've got the energy and the motivation. Linking up with Kelly for quick takes!

Whoof. Lent. It hit me like a ton of bricks this year, for some reason - I was totally unprepared for its start and feel pretty inadequate in the face of it all. This year David and I decided to give up Netflix and going out to eat, aka pretty much the only two things we do for fun...I kind of wish I were kidding about that but that's what the majority of our free time revolves around, especially on the weekends, and within approximately 18 hours of Lent starting we were already missing it so I think that's a sign it was a good choice.

Instead I'm going to try and do a lot of reading and attempt to keep on top of the laundry, although I'm sitting typing this with two unfolded baskets right in front of me so clearly, not exactly a priority. Maybe I'll blog more too! Who knows where the winds of free time might take me.

Cora Jane was baptized on February 12, and I still haven't blogged about it. It was a great, low-key event with just our immediate families and the priest who baptized her, David's old chaplain from high school Fr. Roza. David's sister and brother-in-law were her godparents, and she was a total champ through the whole thing. She'd try to drift off to sleep right before the next step, and then be rudely awakened by another thing but she didn't hardly fuss or cry. We had pizza & cake at our house afterwards to celebrate!

I knitted her this ridiculously cute (or just ridiculous, if you're of the opinion) bonnet to wear for the car ride over, but I need to find time to finish the straps and tighten up the one side so she can actually wear it. By the time I get around to it, it'll probably be hot so sorry in advance, Cora, if you never wear it again.

Some pictures, how about!

this photo courtesy david's dad, cause we didn't get very many on our camera!

I think I need to sew her some for the spring because she just looks so gosh-darn cute in them, and I have a bunch of fabric burning a hole in my pocket.

In house renovation and improvement news, we finally cut down our huge and almost-completely-hollow-rotten tree in the backyard. If you follow me on Snapchat I apologize for the mountain of snaps I took while watching them, but it was a momentous occasion...and they had to cut the power/internet to do it, so we were twiddling our thumbs at home.

Right now it's a big blank slate, and the grass that WAS there has been mostly trampled on or ruined because of the equipment they drove in and out, so we're debating on what to do this spring to spruce it up. Possibly sod, if we can afford it, or maybe just get rid of everything we've got and seed from scratch. If you've had experience with either I'd love to hear it!



Weirdly enough, it makes our yard look smaller. I would have guessed the opposite but there's probably some logical math-y explanation for it being the way it is.

Last weekend I spent a few child-free hours shopping and went into the ritzy mall here in Omaha with Anthropologie in it. Guys. GUYS. Anthropologie. I've never been inside before and holy crap, I want everything they have. I mean, I've definitely browsed online before but never seriously considered anything because $$$. Unfortunately I tried on this awesome jumper and fell in love with it, but it didn't come home with me for $130. It was soooo cute though AND nursing friendly AND insanely comfortable.

it was MUCH cuter in person and I can't get the better green color photo to load so this will have to do
So now I'm on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. Even though I have no idea where I'd wear it and it's totally a trend item, I still want one. (Who am I? When these became popular I swore I'd never like them!) This one from Modcloth is cute but I think I like the longer pants look. (Seriously. WHO AM I.)

The babies woke up. But they both slept from 2:00 to 4:45 so I am nooooot complaining. The concurrent nap in the afternoon is truly one of the only things that keep me sane on some of these long, cold days when I have a bazillion deadlines and the toddler is going crazy. I'm desperately clinging to them as long as I can, and dreaming of reading on the back patio in the sunshine for more than just one day a month.

This little babe is a champ and tolerates everything extremely well except chili. I've had it 3 times now since having her and every day afterwards (when it gets around to her) she is pretty miserable. Guess I will have to swear off for a few more months until her stomach settles out a bit.

She's obviously not lacking in the cheeks department.

Whew, I'm getting really tired and David just went to rent Arrival for us to watch tonight so I'm going to end this post riiiiight here. Have a happy weekend!