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24 July 2017

24 July 2017

drinking: leftover from lunch, a Diet Coke. I haven't had much water yet today though so when it's gone that's next.

eating: well, for lunch I had pizza rolls and an apple...the picture of health, over here. I've not been snacking very much so currently not eating anything.

watching: the background of our Chromecast cycle through photos. I'm going to start my next episode of Silicon Valley in a minute, as soon as I get off Apple Support's chat line.

listening to: the sweet sweet silence of naptime.

reading: (amazon affiliate links ahead!) I just finished Cold Mountain last night - and I stayed up too late doing so. What a hefty book, and not for the faint of heart, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Up next is Thick as Thieves (the newest Megan Whalen Turner) and The Gunslinger by Stephen King. I also have Outlander on loan from the library but I don't think I'm going to get to it before my checkout expires.

wearing: gym shorts and a tee, as every day in the summer.

working on: this blog post, and taking a nice (tiny) break from my job-work. We had a crazy busy month and there's a little window of respite before the next month's books come pouring into my inbox, so just trying to relax while I can and catch up on other internet things.

writing: a screenplay, some other projects, and occasional blog posts.

making: probably chicken wraps & tater tots for dinner, otherwise not much. Gourmet! Once the weather cools down I want to try some of the desserts I've seen on the Great British Baking Show, but it's wayyyy too hot to turn on the oven for anything not completely necessary right now.

thanking: the good Lord that both girls are on a somewhat predictable nap schedule, and they both nap together in the afternoon. Life. Changer.

disliking: the weather. I want fall and the ability to wear jeans without sweating a bucket every time.

wondering: what workout program I should start next. I want to do more weight-lifting but we don't have a pull-up bar or strap set to supplement it in the basement (where I workout). Sooo indecision.

loving: Cora's goofy grin she gets when we put her in the jumper. She is obsessed with it. She'd jump in it for hours if I let her.

What's going on in your corner?

Cora, 7 months

19 July 2017

19 July 2017

Cora is 7 months old! This year is flying by.

Weight: over 20 lbs by our home scale estimation!

Height: no clue, sorry, too wiggly of a baby to try and measure on my own. She looks visibly longer than before if that makes a difference?

Firsts this month: HOUSTON WE HAVE A CRAWLER. A whole 3 months earlier than Kate learned! She has motivation to get to toys and such because she sees her big sis playing with them, so yeah.

Nicknames: I keep calling her C.J. because it's adorable and I love The West Wing but it hasn't quite caught on yet.

Other things to note:
~~ She's down to just one wake-up per night to eat, usually somewhere around 1:30, but she sleeps from 7-7 almost on the dot every night. YAY.
~~ Naps are usually one 2-hour nap and one 1.5 hour nap, which is amazing. Now that we've been home it's been a lot easier to get her on a little bit of a schedule, so she usually sleeps from 10-12 and 2-4 (give or take).
~~ I can tell when she's fully rested or when she's had a nap cut short, because if she naps a full length she is SO happy to wake up, and if she gets rudely awakened she is a crank ball. Luckily those are somewhat few and far between and she's happy most of the time.
~~ I totally forgot what it's like to have a crawling baby in the house. I mean, in my defense it's been like 2 whole years, but it's still jarring to have her end up under furniture/playing with something she shouldn't/yanking on electrical cords when just a few days ago she was pretty much motionless. Her crawl is sort of a weird hybrid between an army crawl and an inchworm crawl. See below for an IG video of it!

~~ She's very into baby food now. We're just doing various veggies/fruits/baby cereal at this point, with some various table foods thrown in now and again when I remember or need her to stay occupied in her high chair while Kate eats. Not a lot of skill in actually getting the table food into her mouth, but she loves playing with the textures.
~~ I'm trying to sippy cup train her relatively earlier than I did Kate, and she's okay with it so far. Not amazing but I haven't tried super duper hard.
~~ Overall she's really thinning out because of all the new movement! She's getting long and marginally leaner, but still has those lovely chunky legs.

We love you, baby!

Bits & bobs of summer

11 July 2017

11 July 2017

Ahh, the sweet joys of summer...sweating every minute, spending too much money on the AC so you can sleep at night, mosquito bites everywhere, the desire to hide indoors as much as possible...

Mostly kidding with that above stuff. As it happens, here in Nebraska we've had a relatively nice summer as summers go around here. We've only hit the upper 90s in the last week or so, and we had some really gorgeous days prior to that so I'm counting our blessings. I'm guessing it will stay meltingly hot through September to make up for it, but for now we're just adjusting to the heat and trying not to melt.


David has been working his butt off finishing our flower beds along the front of the house. We're not quite finished, as there's a little bit of brick edging he wants to add to the front of the beds for easy mowing capabilities, but we're about 90% of the way there and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! We went from this a few months ago:

to this:

I cannot emphasize how much I love the difference between those two pictures. (Of course the non-winter setting of the second helps the grass effect.) It looks SO good and there are a ton of man-hours gone into this, so props to David for 99% of those hours. Also tons of unseen hours, dirt to fill those beds and a new gutter system dug into the ground, etc. etc. The flower beds are all made by him, by hand, the painting done by us two, and the grass improved by seeding & watering.

Next up outside is the brick edging mentioned above and some cedar shutters to replace the black ones. We have a plan for the shutters but haven't started yet, and then the front will be basically done until we plant the beds full next spring!


If you haven't seen it yet -- I'm guessing you don't spend a lot of time on the internet, because it's Prime Day! I'm linking some things here through my affiliate link, things I've purchased and things I've been watching, because who can resist a good deal? If you purchase through the links below I get a tiny percentage back. I love using that to pay it forward to small businesses & mama-run companies, so I really appreciate it!

Anywho onto the deals...

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat: Cora's just too darn heavy for me to lug around the baby carrier anymore, and I'm also tired of it taking up room in the living room. I was waiting for a good deal at Target to snatch a convertible one up, but this deal is way better! $82 (including tax) is a fantastic deal for Prime members, and we really love the Graco front facing one Kate's in, so don't change things that are working, right?

I also splurged and got this piano book for the La La Land soundtrack, because I've had those beautifully simple melodies stuck in my head since watching the movie, and I haven't bought a new piano book in probably 10 years. Although to be honest, every time I sit down to play, both the girls start crying so we'll have to work on that part.

Oh! and you can get $5 off a $15+ book purchase using PRIMEBOOKS17. So yeah! Makes any book on your wishlist worth buying. (Although in honesty, I had to clear the cookies from my computer to get it to work, so it might have been my computer or it could be their system. But try a few ways before giving up altogether.)

Supposedly if you also download the Amazon app to your phone and sign in, they'll email you a $10 off coupon in the next few days so I did that! Worth a shot right?

Other things I've been watching:
Instant Pot (everyone seems to love theirs but we don't have one yet!)
Kindle (I love my Kindle and don't know what I'd do without it)

What else should I be looking at? (David's going to stop me from buying anything else unless we absolutely need it but...the deals are irresistible!)


Welcome to my new favorite corner of the house, our tiny ensuite bathroom. This picture doesn't do it justice but I've got this lovely print from Heather Sleightholm at sleightholmfolk and it is gorgeous in person. We also finally got some blinds for the back side of the house and I hung an IKEA shelf that we've had since September for our tiny bathroom to have some additional storage, and I love it all together. 

Small steps, y'all. Small steps.


I've recently become obsessed with this music video of Francis and the Lights featuring Chance the Rapper, linking so you HAVE to watch it. Kate and I have watched it about 100 times since yesterday, and she's actually pretty good at imitating the dance moves. It's adorable. And the music video is mesmerizing.

Speaking of music, I'm also obsessed with HAIM's new album. Totally worth a listen.


That's a brief summary of what we've been up to lately. Less sporadic blogging to come, hopefully, but no promises!

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