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27 April 2017

27 April 2017

It's been awhile since I did one of these, so why not, right? (some amazon affiliate links below, you've been warned!)

This yoga nursing bra from Target (20% off right now!). It's the best of both worlds - cheap enough for my budget, but actually comfy and doesn't dig in and has enough support.

The West Wing Weekly podcast, recommended to me by my friend & fellow huge TWW fan Katherine. I'm only on the 4th episode but I love it already.

The Light of the World by Elizabeth Alexander. I read this on the recommendation of Laura, and because I've been looking to find a book to read that I'd never pick up otherwise. This memoir/love letter to the author's husband after his untimely death is simply beautiful. Highly recommend.

Those premade bottles of Starbucks drinks you can get at the grocery store (ahem, Target). I've been riding a long wave of a Christmas gift card to get drinks at Starbucks in the last few months, but as I'm trying to stretch it as long as possible, those bottled things are way way cheaper and just as good to get me my caffeine fix every morning. I really like the cold Vanilla Latte and got the Passion Tea premade box from a friend which is also really good!

This article detailing Elon Musk's new adventure, Neuralink. Fair warning: it's extremely long and detailed, and my brain hurt by the end of it, but super interesting (and fairly end-of-the-world-vibe-y).

My go-to lunch lately, a tortilla wrap of deli meat & sliced cheese. Simple, healthy enough, and doesn't get too much worse if I have to make my lunch and then feed the baby or deal with the toddler in the mean time.

David and I started Stranger Things, but in a total rookie move with a shared Netflix account with my family, accidentally watched episode 6 first...and didn't realize it til we were all the way through the episode. So then went back to watch episode 1, etc., and I think last night we just watched episode 4. So far it's really good, really sad as a parent too, but might have been a leeeetle more hyped than I think it deserved. (Don't hate me! It might get better, but so far seems overrated. Good but not like, amazing. Like I said, don't hate me. I have high standards for TV.)

Poor Cora got another little bit of a cold (or never got over her last one, I'm not quite sure) so I've been loving our humidifier to help her sleep and also be able to breathe at the same time. This version is the one we've got, and a good price on Amazon right now! In related news, if someone has a recommendation for a reliable baby thermometer, I'm all ears. We've tried 2 different ones and both are kaput. Halp!

Ta, friends.

Cora, 4 months

20 April 2017

20 April 2017

Late as always, Cora turned 4 months old last Thursday and I'm just getting around to writing about it. Wow no one is surprised. :)

To the stats!

Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz. Which makes me think that our home scale from last month was a little off, or she's tapering and that's fine (she's still 90% for weight, lol).

Height: 26.5", long baby,  99th percentile, which is why nothing fits her! I put her in a 12 month sleeper last night and she fit into it perfectly. At four months old. Sheesh girlie.

Firsts this month: She's rolled over 4 times at this point from back to tummy, once from tummy to back. Go baby go! She also does all the blowing bubbles stuff, chewing on everything, tracking, lifting her head 90°, just all those great cute non-mobile baby things.

Nicknames: nothing new this month!

Other things to note:
++ 4 month sleep regression is kicking our butts. Last night David and I were both up with her 3 times, for a grand total of 6 times. In the last couple weeks I've just been letting her eat any time at night because she was fighting a cold, but we got the OK from the pediatrician this morning to cut those night feeds out so we're going to tackle that next week! Plus, she barely actually takes in any calories during those nighttime feeds, she just wants to be awake and smile and pretend like she's hungry. Little stinker. ;)
++ Eating during the day has been great, spacing out a little more so it's like every 2.5-3 hours and I feel like I have all the time in the world! It's crazy how quickly it goes from 8-10 times a day to 5 times a day and how much more free time it feels like I have.
++ We got rid of the swaddle about two weeks ago because she was waking up with the swaddle completely undone and had rolled over a few times so it was time to say goodbye. We used this (affiliate links heading your way!) swaddle transition thingy, but didn't use it for too long before we just went cold turkey. She sleeps just fine without it now! And seems like such a big girl just laying in her crib with nothing wrapping her up.
++ Naps have gotten on a little bit of a schedule which is nice. Most days she's up between 7:30 and 8:30, a nap around 10:30-11:30, 1:30-2:30, and then 3:30-5:30, with bedtime at 7:30. (Both girls at the same bedtime now! Tis glorious.) She can still occasionally cat nap in the car seat or while running errands, but it's less common.
++ I think she's officially outgrown her 4Moms Rocker, so we should probably pack it up and move it out of the living room. She'd much rather be on her playmat, scooching herself all around and grabbing the toys and shoving them into her mouth or batting them around.
++ She likes to just hang out on her side, halfway through rolling over and just taking a break. It's adorable.
++ It's so different having a baby with my coloring, because I can tell the colors she looks best in and now I'm like, should I be wearing that? I took this picture below of her wearing a cream hoodie and she looked SO cute that I was like, hmm I should buy myself a matching one, right? haha. Crazy mom thoughts.
++ She absolutely loves our Wildbird sling, and I love cuddling her in it. I will take all the cuddles I can because I'm sure it will end too soon!

^^^ crazy coloring idea photo from above
Happy four months, baby! We love you!

Obligatory Easter post!

17 April 2017

17 April 2017
Happy Easter everyone!

Because I'm still deep in a sugar coma from yesterday (oof, my system does so much better without sugar, note to self, Hannah) and my brain's not quite recovered, I'm going to picture dump and leave it at that. Mostly, anyway.

Easter was in Columbus this year with David's family and filled with Easter egg hunts, plenty of euchre and pitch games, a lovely fire, 7 a.m. Easter Mass, and copious amounts of toddler candy-induced meltdowns (that's how it always is, right?).

First off, the two girlies in their matching Easter dresses. I searched high and low for a store that carried matching dresses in 4T and 9 months, and these were from Gymboree (50% off clearance, so actually in my price range compared to their normal prices, haha). Kitty was very excited to match with Cora and I'm so glad I've started the tradition of matching clothes at least for Easter!

Don't look too closely around our eyes in that middle one, taking a family picture at 6:30 in the morning results in both parents looking like mummies awoken from a 20 minute nap and definitely not fully rested.

Of course Cora needed to nurse right during church because we'd woken her up 2 hours before her normal wake time, and when she finished I popped her in my Wildbird and she zonked right out. I'll admit, Easter Mass always makes me teary - and the combination of her snoozing peacefully on my chest, and watching Kate take up a dollar to the collection like the biggest & most independent girl in the world made me cry. I tried to sniffle as little as possible but these two girlies just make me so emotional! It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful Easter Mass and just sheesh.

Saturday morning Kate participated in an Easter egg hunt and we think there were over 1,000 eggs for about 30 kids. Each kid went home with at least two huge bags of eggs - it wasn't much of a battle for eggs as a "please keep picking up eggs, there are so many, I know you're tired but keep going!" type of situation. Hilariously cute nonetheless.

I did have matching outfits for them for this too, but Cora OF COURSE had a huge blowout in hers an hour before the event, so Kate went solo in hers. Oh well. Story of a baby, right?

We also went golfing a full round on Saturday afternoon and 2 holes on Sunday after Easter brunch. Saturday Cora was an absolute dream - we just stuck her in her carseat, put the cover on, roped it onto the golf cart, and she was 100% happy the whole time. In the first picture you can see we eventually put it on the floor because our rope situation didn't last the whole time, but she was a happy smiley baby the entirety of the game. Kate was a different story, but still pretty stellar for it being 80° and not knowing the rules of golf (the whole stay behind the golfer concept is hard to teach an almost 3 year old).

Sunday Cora was NOT happy during our two rounds of golf so I held her while everyone else golfed and then we headed back early. But cute nonetheless!

David got me this absolutely gorgeous print from Blessed Is She as an Easter gift and I just had to show it off. So pretty! I'm so excited to frame it and put it up in our dining room.

Anywho that's all the Easter deets I have now. Both girlies are recovering from a packed weekend by being extra cranky today so I'm probably going to go collapse on the couch for a nap. Happy Easter (still!) to all of you!

How I'm rocking momhood

12 April 2017

12 April 2017
Jen at Into Your Will tagged me in a recent blog challenge going around for moms to talk about what they're doing well in motherhood -- in fact, rocking motherhood. For me (and for most of us, I think!) it's really easy to nitpick ourselves and see others' strengths, and not spend the time to think about what you're doing well on a day to day basis. Thanks for tagging me Jen and here go my (trying-not-to-be-braggy-but-also-be-confident) strengths!

+ independent play
This comes out of a necessity for me to get schtuff done, but Kate (and Cora hopefully someday) is really good at independent play. When we're downstairs and I'm doing work on the computer, she is pretty stellar about entertaining herself and keeping my interruptions/interventions to a minimum, just busying herself from one toy to the next. Of course that could be her personality just shining but I'm taking credit for it while I can when she's the only one "playing" and not being too destructive.

+ veggie eating
Although it happens more when I think about it, I'm trying to do a consistent pattern of making Kate eat her veggies when they're in front of her. Lots of times we have to eat them with her but it's worth it to make sure she's not only made up of peanut butter & jelly and applesauce.

+ firm saying "no"
I get a weird sort of power of sticking to my guns when saying no to Kate for any number of reasons, and sticking to it. I think it's important for kids and I hate feeling wishy-washy so we're sticking with it!

+ potty training done
Even though it was the hardest parenting thing we've done yet, I am super proud of us getting through potty training and successfully not losing our minds while doing it. If I had my way I'd have kept Kate in diapers for eternity but I'm glad she's growing up and that we made it through.

+ letting kids get dirty
It took awhile, but now I am 100% happy when Kate's getting dirty and muddy helping out in the yard. Some of my best memories as a kid were playing in the yard and laundry can always be done, so I'm loosening up and letting her make a mess.

+ patience at nighttime feedings
Cora for awhile was a really good sleeper, up just once at night, but recently has been hitting that 4 month sleep regression and getting up 3 or more times at night. I thought I would be more annoyed getting up that many times but it's really not that bad on my overall mood - especially cause she mostly goes right back to sleep! With Kate I was obsessed with getting every minute of sleep I could, but now I just rely on coffee more and we're all doing just fine.

+ lots of reading
We have lots of books around the house and I make sure to read to Kate at least twice a day (or David does) - before naps and before bedtime - as well as almost anytime she asks. I want her to develop a love of reading and although it's not my favorite thing to read the same book 8 million times, I put aside that annoyance and read to her when she asks.

+ naptime
I'm strict about naptime, too (so far...all these words are gonna come bite me in the butt in 1-2 years as Cora grows but whatever). Kate took 2 naps all the way to 2 years old, and now takes one long nap in the afternoon. She needs it and I need it so I make it a priority for us!

+ scrimp & save on baby clothes
I try to buy used clothing and find deals on kid clothes as much as I possibly can. I shop at consignment sales and deep discounted days for new stuff so that all our budget doesn't go to cute clothes for the girls. In that vein...

+ getting dressed every day
I am one of those people who can't function unless I shower & dress myself every morning, and I've tried to pass that on to the girls. We start the day by getting dressed in clean clothes, doing our hair (well, Kitty gets her hair done by me, that is) and then we go on with our day. I am 1000% of a better mom when my kids are dressed in cute clothes and look presentable. It's just the way I'm wired.

What are you doing well in motherhood? Peer pressure to the friends I'm tagging below to write out the ways you're rocking motherhood right now:

and anyone else reading this who needs to reaffirm how great of a mom they are!

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