Bittersweet goodbye, house!

19 July 2016

19 July 2016

We're on the last few days at our old house, and it's been a bittersweet week for this pregnant mama. Although these pics aren't really realistic in comparison to what our house looked like 99% of the time we lived here, I still wanted to post them on the blog for posterity's sake. I should have taken some before we cleaned up! Oh well.

I'm sad to be leaving such a sweet house & a truly great neighborhood. This house is where we moved into after we got married. It's where we spent the first 3 years of our marriage. It's the home we brought our first baby home to. It's where she learned to crawl, and talk, and eat solid foods, and developed the personality we know & love so much. 

We put lots of labor and love into making this house a home, and it's sad to leave all of that behind. But it's also good to know that we left a place better than we found it, like we're doing something to preserve the character & integrity of this  house, hoping that many owners in the future will get to enjoy what we improved on and appreciate it.

Plus moving to a new house means we have a whole new list of projects and possibilities facing us in the future! Don't worry, there will be plenty of home improvement posts still to come.

I know in my head that we have a new house, and we're getting there Friday - Friday! - but at the moment it's still hard to envision living a different house, let alone a different city. As a big creature of habit, it's hard to see the future with a change as big as this one feels to me. I'm sure in a year it will feel like we've been there forever but now it's just this big question mark at the end of the week. 

Little house, thank you for all you've done for us. I'm sure when we are back in Lincoln we will drive by and reminisce for many years to come, but for now we have to say goodbye. Treat your new owners well and try not to forget us (or maybe do try to forget all those times we spilled food & made you messy, if you want to...haha.) We won't forget you!

your owners for 48 more hours

19 weeks

11 July 2016

11 July 2016

This pregnancy is seriously flying by. I am 19 weeks -- tomorrow, I guess. I'll be honest, I had to check my pregnancy calendar to actually remember how far along I was. But that's okay right, we've been busy, I have an excuse? At least that's what I'm telling myself as sometimes I still forget that I'm pregnant. Oopsies. Doesn't mean we love you any less, baby!

Anyways, we had our ultrasound this morning. David couldn't make it so my mom and sister joined me to help wrangle Kate and get to see baby kicking around. True to Gokie child fashion (I'm remembering you, Kate), the little one was a little stubborn to get some pictures but everything was healthy and looked good so it was a relief.

To the deets!

How far along? 18 weeks 6 days, or 19 weeks because I'm already thinking optimistically of a baby coming early and I like rounding up.
Weight gain? 2 or 3 pounds, I'm not super sure. Belly still getting bigger for sure, though!
Clothing? Mostly maternity bottoms and I'm still squeezing into regular shirts but those moments are coming to a quick end, I'm guessing.
Sleep? Mehhhh. We moved our bed to the new house's garage (long, busy, and boring story) so we're on a borrowed air mattress from my parents, which hasn't much helped. Just been getting up once a night to pee so that's not bad!
Best moment of this week? Ultrasound!!! For sure. I haven't been doing these every week (who has the time?) but it's been the highlight of the pregnancy so far. So wiggly and moving all around!
Worst moment of this week? Well, Kate's been getting her two-year-molars and it's been, in a word, hell. She's cranky and not sleeping well and just throwing tantrums for no reason. The turmoil of moving all our furniture out of the house and being out of schedule hasn't much helped. 
Miss anything? Beer. Margaritas. That's about it, and for not really being a boozer while not pregnant, I'm sure craving it a lot.
Movement? Feeling kicks! David hasn't felt any yet because they're too faint but they are definitely kicks. Awesome feeling, even the second time around.
Symptoms? Tiredness, moody, cravings up the wazoo. Otherwise not too bad!
Food cravings? Sonic frozen lemonade, bagel sandwiches. That's pretty much the extent of it. Oh and Chipotle or whatever fast food we drive by. :)
Gender? Not going to find out! Still!
Labor signs? Nope, not yet.

Random photos from the weeks:

On Saturday morning, we left super early to drive the majority of our belongings to Omaha which meant I got to actually see the sunrise for the first time in a long time. (I'm not an early riser, and the sun gets up super super early in the summer, in my defense.)

Coloring very very intently before dinner the other night. She basically covered the entire front with crayon and was very proud.

Soon and very soon we will be in our new house and I will have a very long & detailed post about our new place (!!!) but until then don't expect anything substantial from me. Just trying to survive & not get headaches from our echoing-and-empty-house and a very loud toddler.

Life may be busy, but it goes on

06 July 2016

06 July 2016
AKA the subtitle of my brain in the last few weeks.

Life is, indeed, busy for us right about now. We're in the midst of packing up the last vestiges of our belongings in order to move 90% of our furniture this weekend into the new house's garage, because both houses close on the same day (the 22nd, quickly approaching) and it is the only free weekend we have between now and then to get our stuff all the way to Omaha.

We'll be living two weeks on minimal belongings - only the necessities, aka Kate's toys & books, clothing, my computer for work, an air mattress for us & the pack n' play for Kate, and whatever food we can scrounge up. And the internet, thank goodness. If it weren't for my whole working from home gig, we probably would be stopping that in advance too and who knows what kind of depths we'd sink to without it. But luckily it's a necessity!

Surprisingly even with all this stuff going on, the mundane still has to happen. Toddlers still need to take baths and eat regular meals, laundry needs to be washed and dried and folded, naps need to be taken, toys have to be played with and picked up and repeat x infinity, and we're all trying to manage. Kate's been totally chill about the whole thing so far, but it'll be interesting to see her reaction to living in an empty house for two weeks. I'm guessing she'll love it.

Fourth of July cuteness. It was 60° most of the day so a sweatshirt was necessary!
Other things on my mind recently:
I have come to the end of my rope on finding the right combo of shampoo & conditioner for my frizzy, very thick, curly, and color-treated hair. What do you do when you've sampled everything Target has to offer? Just go to a salon and shell out the big bucks, hoping you're not wasting a bunch of money on something that doesn't work? Seriously. I need advice. Tell me what to do!

I read In the Woods by Tana French in the last 36 hours in its entirety because it was chilling, enthralling, and gave me nightmares in the way that I seriously love. Something about the summer always makes me want to read crime fiction, and I've been wanting to read this one for awhile. 10/10 would recommend if you're into crime/cop stories, especially because the murder is creepy but there's nothing all that salacious or gory-detailed which is the exact right combo, if you ask me.

I vowed to myself in 2014 that I would never live through another season of the Olympics without the capability of watching it every day for two weeks solid and being patriotic and stuff. I've heard rumor that SlingTV is really what we want to subscribe to for Husker football viewing this fall, and there's a possibility the Olympics will be on it as well? If you have Sling, do you have the ability to look that sort of thing up? Their blog seems to imply that it will be but I don't wanna chance it.

Hope you enjoyed this brain dump. I can't wait to share pics of the new place! It will be a bunch of disaster move-induced mess at first, but still - it will be great.

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